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ch 7

la belle-fille step-daughter
la belle m<ere step mother
le choeur the choir
le chauffeur driver
la demi-soeur half sister
l'/ecrivain writer
l'/editeur/trice editor
l'homme entretenu "kept" man
le/ la lecteur/trice reader
le/ la photographe photographer
le professeur de chant signing instructor
le/ la rat/e /e failure
la vedette the star
le videur bouncer
l'avant- premi<ere premiere
le chant singing
le concert concert
le cours de chant singing class
la critique review
la litt/erature literature
l'op/era m opera
la r/ep/etition rehearsal
le roman novel
le boi^te de nuit night clab
l'/eglise f church
la maison de compagne counrry home
la maison d'/edition publishing house
la carte de visite buisiness card
le carton di'invitation invitation
la d/eception disappointment
le d/eclin decline
la dynamique familiale family dynamic
l'/egoi..sme m selfishness
l'/egocentrisme m egocentricity
l'/emission show
le portable cell
la queue line
le soutien support
les troubles alimentaires m eating disorders
c/el<ebre famous
confiant /e confident
cynique cynical
d/ec)u /e disappointed
d/eprim/e /e depressed
/egocentrique eqocentric
/egoi..ste selfish
mal a< l'aise uncomforable
m/elodramatique melodramatic
obs/equieux/euse obsequious
puissant/e powerful
rejet/e /e rejected
sarcastique sarcastic
sous-entendu implied
troubl/e /e troubled
vaniteux/se vain
absolument absolutley
actuellement actually
admirablement adimirably
ailleurs elsewhere
apparemment appartently
biento^t soon
bri<evement briefly
bruyamment noisily
confus/ement confusdely
constamment constatnly
/enorm/ement enourmously
franchement frankly
gentiment nicley
intelligemment intelligently
intens/ement intensly
lentement slowly
longtemps long
pr/ecis/ement precisley
partout everywhere
passionn/ement passionatley
patiemment patiently
poliment politley
premi<erement first
profond/ement deeply
quelquefois sometimes
r/ecemment recently
spontan/ement spontaneously
suffisamment sufficiently
abandonner to abandon
aspirer <a to aspire to
assister <a to attend
avoir confiance en soi to have confidence in oneself
b/en/eficier de to benifit from
blesser to hurt
changer d'avis to change your mind
compter sur qqn. to count on someone
critiquer to criticize
culpabiliser to make feel guilty
se d/esep/erer to despire
se d/et/eriorer to deteriorate
e'/evanouir to faint
to be uncomforatble with ones self
sa fa^cher contre to get angrey with
f^eter to celebrate
faire le queue wait in line
lutter contre struggle against
monter un concert put on a concert
r/ep/eter to rehearse
sortir to publish
suivre un cours to take a class
supporter to tolerate
Created by: carostep