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Physiology I

Anemia, Polycythemia, Leukemia - Test 1

What is the deficiency of RBC's called? Anemia
A hematocrit of 30% would indicate what condition? Anemia
Pseudoanemia may be caused by: 1. Overhydration 2. IV fluid 3. Fluid retention 4. Pregnancy 5. hypoalbuminia 6. Posture changes 7. laboratory variation in hemoglobin
What are the 2 classifications of anemia? 1. Factor deficiency anemia 2. Production-defect anemia
What is factor defeciency anemia? A defeciency in essential hematopoietic material - B12 and or Folic Acid
What is production-defect anemia? The failure of blood-forming organs to produce or to deliver mature RBC's to the peripheral blood.
What is depletion anemia? Anemia resulting from blood loss
What are the three classifications of anemia by RBC morphology? 1. Microlytic 2. Normocytic 3. Macrocytic
What is another name for microcytic anemia? Megaloblastic anemia
Of the 3 classes of anemia morphology, which one is associated with GI disorders? Macrocytic / Megaloblastic
What are the three classifications of anemia by color? 1. Hypochromic 2. Normochromic 3. Hyperchromic
What is the cause of megaloblastic anemia? Lack of B12, folic acid, and or intrinsic factor
What are the effects of anemia on the cardiavascular system? 1. Decrease in blood viscosity 2. Decreased peripheral resistance 3. Increase CO2 4. Dilation of Vessels 5. Increased venous return 6. Increased workload on heart
What describes a reduction in color (pale pink) RBC that is iron defecient? Hypochromic
What describes a darker than normal RDBC that is high in hemoglobin and smaller than normal? Hyperchromic
How long does anemia take to diagnose? 6 months
What is the lifespan of an RBC? 3 months
Can lots of fastfood cause anemia? Yes
Can polycythemia be inherited? Yes
What causes acute polycythemia? Decreased O2 levels, high altitudes, cardiac failure, and chronic lung disorder
What is polycythemia? Overproduction of RBC
Does polycythemia elevate or decrease hematocrit levels? Elevate
What is the financial burden of having polycythemia? Blood banks actually charge you take make to deposits. Take that one to the bank!!
What is another name for polycythemia vera? Erythremia
What is the typical hematocrit levels of a patient with polycythemia vera? 60-70%
In polycythemia the blood volume ________. Doubles, This causes headaches.
Blood viscosity of a patient w/ polycythemia vera the blood becomes ______ times viscous than water? 10X (3X water is normal viscosity)
Anemics blood viscosity is ____ times viscous as water? 1.5X (Remember normal is 3X as viscous)
What is the RBC count in a patient with polycythemia vera? 7-8 Million
What are the effects of polycythemia on the cardiovascular system? 1. Problem w/ clots 2. sluggish blood flow 3. Decreased venous return 3. Increased blood vol. 4. Increased pressure 5. ruddy complexion w/ bluish tint to skin
What is leukemia? Uncontrolled production of abnormal / immature WBC's
So if leukemia is an overproduction of White Blood Cells and our immune sytem depends upon WBC's, does our immunity in increase with more of these WBC's? No, they are blastic (immature) and cannot help in immunity
Can leukemia be treated? May or may not.
What is the treatment for Leukemia? Chemotherapy
Leukemia occurs in two places, Where are they? In lymphoid cells (lymphogenous) and in the bone marrow (myelogenous) rememember what myeloid means?
Why are cancerous cells harmful? They invade surrounding tissue and utilize their metabolic elements which eventually destroys the tissue.
Is leukemia classified by type or count? Count
In leukemia is acute or chronic more severe? Acute
If untreated, what is the lifespan of an individual with acute leukemia? chronic leukemia? 1. days - weeks 2. one - two years
nonlymphatic leukemia effects what? 1. Granulocytes (remember BEN) 2. Monocytes 3. Erythrocytes 4. Megakaryocytes
Lymphatic leukemia effects what? B Cells and T Cells
What are the effects of Leukemia on the body? 1. Metastatic growth replaces healthy tissue 2. Invades surrounding bone 3. Causes pain 4. fractures bones 5. spreads to spleen, lymph nodes, liver, and vascular regions 6. develops infections, sever anemia, bleeding 7. metabolic starvation 8. Death
What type of anemia is associated with bone marrow that fails to function? Aplastic
Widespread malignancy can cause a ____________ anemia? Production-Defect
Which type of anemia is associated with depletion anemia? Hemolytic
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