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Acute placement

What kind of service does lodge level care provide? Meals
What kind of services do Designated Assisted Living facilities(DALs) supply? Nursing, Bath, Medication monitoring
What kind of services do Care centres provide? High level nursing and rehab care
What kind of service do Personal Care Homes? A homelike enviroment for a specific condition
What kind of care do Hospice care facilities supply? Complete care for individuals with less than 3 months to live
What is orthopneia? Exessive use of accessory muscles to breath
What is COPD? Chonic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Occlusion in the lungs causing shortness of breath
What is CHF? Congestive Heart Failure- an inability of the heart to supply the body, causing shortness of breath and fluid accumulation
What is a myocardial infarction? Inability of the heart to suppy itself with oxygen, death of heart tissue
What is the key difference between to Power of attorney and Personal Directive? Power of attorny is control over finances, Personal directive is control over everything else when enacted
What is Ascitis? Fluid accumulation in the abdomen (beer belly), indicates liver failure or heart failure
What is a occupational issue with Ascitis? It shifts the centre of gravity, make falls more likely
What is a NSTEMI or STEMI types of myocardial infarction
What two assessments should be used together to determine delerium? Mini-mental and the CAM
What way should therapy or assessment be organized? From Easiest to Hardest task
What tool is often used to help lift the leg in in hip patients? A leg lifter
What is Ataxia/Dystaxia? Inability to VOLUNTARILY COORDINATE movement
What is Dysphagia? Feeding/Swallowing difficulties
What is Apraxia? Inability to EXECUTE purposeful movements
What is Agnosia? Loss of ability to recognize an object
Anxiety over a cognitive test/screen is a sign of what? Normal insight
What is othopnea? What is the treatment? Shortness of breath when laying down, Laying upright
What is dyspnea? Shortness of breath
What is atelectacis? Collapse of all or part of a lung
What is spinal stenosis? narrowing of the spinal cord, resulting in neurological symptoms
What is Sjogrens syndrom? An auto-immune disease attacking the salivary and tear glands
What is cholelithiasis? Gallstones formed from cholesterol/bile
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