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Latin, Category: B

DANENG: Latin & category of B-list herbs for PCOM first-year comps

ge jie Gecko<br><br>Tonify Yang
dong chong xia cao Cordyceps<br><br>Tonify Yang
suo yang Cynomorii Herba<br><br>Tonify Yang
hu lu ba Trigonellae Semen<br><br>Tonify Yang
bu gu zhi Psoraleae Fructus<br><br>Tonify Yang
yi zhi ren Alpiniae oxyphyllae Fructus<br><br>Tonify Yang
xian mao Curculiginis Rhizoma<br><br>Tonify Yang
gu sui bu Drynariae Rhizoma<br><br>Tonify Yang
zi he che Hominis Placenta<br><br>Tonify Yang
sang shen Mori Fructus<br><br>Tonify Blood
huang jing Polygonati Rhizoma<br><br>Tonify Qi
yi tang Maltosum<br><br>Tonify Qi
zi su ye Perillae Folium<br><br>Warm Acrid Release Exterior
gao ben Ligustici Rhizoma<br><br>Warm Acrid Release Exterior
xi xin Asari Herba<br><br>Warm Acrid Release Exterior
cong bai Allii fistulosi Bulbus<br><br>Warm Acrid Release Exterior
xin yi Magnoliae Flos<br><br>Warm Acrid Release Exterior
niu bang zi Arctii Fructus<br><br>Cool Acrid Release Exterior
chan tui Cicadae Periostracum<br><br>Cool Acrid Release Exterior
man jing zi Viticis Fructus<br><br>Cool Acrid Release Exterior
fu ping Spirodelae Herba<br><br>Cool Acrid Release Exterior
xi gua Citrulli Fructus<br><br>Drain Fire
jue ming zi Cassiae Semen<br><br>Drain Fire
shui niu jiao Bubali Cornu<br><br>Cool Blood
zi cao Arnebiae/Lithospermi Radix<br><br>Cool Blood
qin pi Fraxini Cortex<br><br>Clear Heat Dry Damp
shi hu Dendrobii Herba<br><br>Tonify Yin
yu zhu Polygonati odorati Rhizoma<br><br>Tonify Yin
bai he Lilii Bulbus<br><br>Tonify Yin
hei zhi ma Sesami Semen nigrum<br><br>Tonify Yin
da qing ye Isatidis Folium<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
zi hua di ding Violae Herba<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
bai jiang cao Patriniae Herba<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
chuan xin lian Andrographitis Herba<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
bai hua she she cao Hedyotis Diffusae Herba<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
bai tou weng Pulsatillae Radix<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
ma chi xian Portulacae Herba<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
he ye Nelumbinis Folium<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
lu dou Phaseoli radiati Semen<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
bai xian pi Dictamni Cortex<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
tu fu ling Smilacis Glabrae Rhizoma<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
she gan Belamcandae Rhizoma<br><br>Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity
bai wei Cynanchi atrati Radix<br><br>Clear Heat from Xu
yin chai hu Stellariae Radix<br><br>Clear Heat from Xu
fan xie ye Sennae Folium<br><br>Purgatives
lu hui Aloe<br><br>Purgatives
yu li ren Pruni Semen<br><br>Moist Laxatives
qian niu zi Pharbitidis Semen<br><br>Harsh Expellants (Cathartics)
gan sui Kansui Radix<br><br>Harsh Expellants (Cathartics)
ba dou Crotonis Fructus<br><br>Harsh Expellants (Cathartics)
deng xin cao Junci Medulla<br><br>Drain Damp
qu mai Dianthi Herba<br><br>Drain Damp
bian xu Polygoni avicularis Herba<br><br>Drain Damp
di fu zi Kochiae Fructus<br><br>Drain Damp
dong gua zi Benincasae Semen<br><br>Drain Damp
bi xie<br>(bei xie) Dioscoreae hypoglaucae Rhizoma<br><br>Drain Damp
han fang ji Stephaniae tetrandrae Radix<br><br>Drain Damp
wei ling xian Clematidis Radix<br><br>Dispel Wind-Damp
hai tong pi Erythrinae Cortex<br><br>Dispel Wind-Damp
can sha Bombycis Faeces<br><br>Dispel Wind-Damp
qin jiao Gentianae macrophyllae Radix<br><br>Dispel Wind-Damp
sang zhi Mori Ramulus<br><br>Dispel Wind-Damp
xi xian cao Siegesbeckiae Herba<br><br>Dispel Wind-Damp
qi she Agkistrodon<br><br>Dispel Wind-Damp
kun bu Eckloniae Thallus<br><br>Cool Transform Phlegm-Heat
hai zao Sargassum<br><br>Cool Transform Phlegm-Heat
bai jie zi Sinapis Semen<br><br>Warm Transform Phlegm-Cold
bai qian Cynanchi stauntonii Rhizoma<br><br>Warm Transform Phlegm-Cold
kuan dong hua Farfarae Flos<br><br>Cough & Wheeze
zi su zi Perillae Fructus<br><br>Cough & Wheeze
pi pa ye Eriobotryae Folium<br><br>Cough & Wheeze
bai bu Stemonae Radix<br><br>Cough & Wheeze
bai dou kou Amomi Fructus rotundus<br><br>Aromatic Transform Damp
cao dou kou Alpiniae katsumadai Semen<br><br>Aromatic Transform Damp
cao guo Tsaoko Fructus<br><br>Aromatic Transform Damp
gu ya Setariae (Oryzae) Fructus<br><br>Food Stagnation
ji nei jin Gigeriae galli Endothelium corneum<br><br>Food Stagnation
ze lan Lycopi Herba<br><br>Invigorate Blood
e zhu Curcumae Rhizoma<br><br>Invigorate Blood
san leng Sparganii Rhizoma<br><br>Invigorate Blood
ru xiang Olibanum<br><br>Invigorate Blood
mo yao Myrrha<br><br>Invigorate Blood
wang bu liu xing Vaccariae Semen<br><br>Invigorate Blood
wu ling zhi Trogopterori Faeces<br><br>Invigorate Blood
ju hong Citri reticulatae Exocarpium rubrum<br><br>Regulate Qi
da fu pi Arecae Pericarpium<br><br>Regulate Qi
wu yao Linderae Radix<br><br>Regulate Qi
chen xiang Aquilariae Lignum resinatum<br><br>Regulate Qi
tan xiang Santali albi Lignum<br><br>Regulate Qi
chuan lian zi Toosendan Fructus<br><br>Regulate Qi
di yu Sanguisorbae Radix<br><br>Stop Bleeding
huai mi Sophorae Flos immaturus<br><br>Stop Bleeding
ce bai ye Platycladi Cacumen<br><br>Stop Bleeding
bai mao gen Imperatae Rhizoma<br><br>Stop Bleeding
xian he cao Agrimoniae Herba<br><br>Stop Bleeding
bai ji Bletillae Rhizoma<br><br>Stop Bleeding
hua jiao Zanthoxyli Pericarpium<br><br>Warm Interior Expel Cold
ding xiang Caryophylli Flos<br><br>Warm Interior Expel Cold
xiao hui xiang Foeniculi Fructus<br><br>Warm Interior Expel Cold
bi ba Piperis longi Fructus<br><br>Warm Interior Expel Cold
hu jiao Piperis Fructus<br><br>Warm Interior Expel Cold
wu mei Mume Fructus<br><br>Stabilize & Bind
he zi Chebulae Fructus<br><br>Stabilize & Bind
rou dou kou Myristicae Semen<br><br>Stabilize & Bind
chun pi Ailanthi Cortex<br><br>Stabilize & Bind
chi shi zhi Hallyositum rubrum<br><br>Stabilize & Bind
jin ying zi Rosae Laevigatae Fructus<br><br>Stabilize & Bind
fu pen zi Rubi Fructus<br><br>Stabilize & Bind
bai guo Gingko Semen<br><br>Stabilize & Bind
ci shi Magnetitum<br><br>Anchor Settle & Calm Spirit
zhen zhu Margarita<br><br>Anchor Settle & Calm Spirit
zi shi ying Fluoritum<br><br>Anchor Settle & Calm Spirit
hu po Succinum<br><br>Anchor Settle & Calm Spirit
he huan pi Albiziae Cortex<br><br>Nourish Heart Calm Spirit
su he xiang Styrax<br><br>Aromatic Open Orifices
bing pian Borneolum<br><br>Aromatic Open Orifices
niu huang Bovis Calculus<br><br>Aromatic Open Orifices
ling yang jiao Saigae tataricae Cornu<br><br>Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors
ci ji li Tribuli Fructus<br><br>Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors
shi jue ming Haliotidis Concha<br><br>Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors
di long Pheretima<br><br>Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors
bai jiang can Bombyx batryticatus<br><br>Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors
quan xie Scorpio<br><br>Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors
wu gong Scolopendra<br><br>Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors
dai zhe shi Haematitum<br><br>Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors
shi jun zi Quisqualis Fructus<br><br>Expel Parasites
da suan Allii sativi Bulbus<br><br>Expel Parasites
bai fan Alumen<br><br>Topical Application
liu huang Sulfur<br><br>Topical Application
she chuang zi Cnidii Fructus<br><br>Topical Application
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