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Studting for EOG

alliteration repeating consonants Suie Sells Seashells by the Seashore.
idoms quiet as a mouse; raining cats and dogs.
onomatopoeia sounds Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing Bees.
theme love;trees(main idea)
personification the cat said that there were 5 cookies on the plate.
similes the dog was loud like a firetruck
point of view the house of Dies Drear is a book told in 3rd persion
plot 1st event 2nd event and 3rd event
setting the store
tone it's rainny outside and my mom died.(sad)
forshadowing my moms making pizza tonight
infer cloudy, branches everywhere, (there was going to be a big thunderstorm)
synoymns mother;mom
antonyms non;all
evidence the cops arested a women for murder(they saw finger prints)
conflict ted could not skateboard because he broke his ankle
mood the book made me feel very sad
main idea beth is making inprovments to her home
details the band aid she had on was hellokitty
dictionary band aid-something that covers a boo-boo til it gets better
fact Macy's Birthday is June 3rd, 2000
opinion i HATE her outfit, it's sooo ugly
glossery home town- the towwn or city of ones birth
table of contents The Dream I Had-Chapter 5-pg 76
INDEX The Black Death-pg 253
ALMANAC Bob is the hot dog eating champion
flashback Its been 75 years and i can still smell the fresh paint.(Titanic)
Created by: LUVU