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BE40 Limitations

Vmo SL to 8000ft 264
Vmo 8,000 to 11,000ft 264 to 320 linear variation
Vmo 11,000 to 26,000Ft 320
Limiting Mach Mmo above 26,000 ft 0.78
Vfe/Vfo Flaps 10/20 degrees 200 kts
Vfo Flaps 30 170 kts
Vfe Flaps 30 165 kts
Landing Gear Normal Operation Vfo 200 kts
Landing Gear Extended Vfe 200 kts
Landing Gear Emergency Operation Vfo 150 kts
Landing Lights Vll 200 kts
Speedbrakes Vsb No limtit
Airborne Vmca Flaps 0 96
Airborne Vmca Flaps 10 and 20 89
Ground Vmca Flaps 0, 10, and 20 88
Windshield Wipers Vww 200, if installed
Tire Limit Speed Vtire 165 true speed on the ground
Takeoff N1 Fan 104%
Takeoff N2 Turbine 96%
Idle N2 Turbine, Engine EFC On 52%
Idle N2 Turbine, Engine EFC Off, in nonicing conditions 46%
Engine Temps Takeoff ITT 700
Engine Temps Starting ITT 550-600 for 4 sec max 600-700 for 2 sec max
ITT for Maximum continuous thrust 680 degrees
Oil Temp Takeoff and Max continuous thrust 10-121 degrees
Oil Pressure Takeoff and Max continuous thrust 60-83 psi
Minimum Oil Temperature for Starting -40 degrees
Oil Pressure at Idle RPM 40 psi minimum
TR Full reverse cutoff speed 55 kts
Time for cont reverse thrust above reverse idle 30 sec max
Deployed TR time during TAXI operations 5 sec
External Power Assisted Start 1st Cycle, 2nd Cycle, 3rd Cycle 1. 30 secs ON - 5 min OFF 2. 30 secs ON - 15 min OFF 3. 30 secs ON - 60 min OFF
Battery Start Do not attempt to battery start if battery voltage is below _________ volts? 22 volts
Gen Assisted Start Do not attempt to star the second engine until the generator load is below _____ amps. 150 amps
Starter Generator Limits Ground Operation Max Gen Load 280 Amps each Generator
Starter Generator Limits INFLIGHT Both Gens up to 41,000 ft Both Gens above 41,000 ft 280 amps each 26o amps each, above
Starter Gen INFLIGHT Ops One Gen up to 29,000 ft One Gen up to 29,000 ft in ICING Cond 400 440 in icing
Start Gen INFLIGHT ops One Gen 29,000 to 41,000 ft One Gen above 41,000 ft 280 29,000 - 41,000 260, above 41,000
Starter Gen Ops INFLIGHT TRANSIENT below 20,000ft, 30 secs MAX 525
Maximum Ramp Weight 16,500 lbs
Maximum TAKEOFF Weight 16,300 lbs
Maximum Landing Weight 15,700 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 13,000 lbs
Maneuvering Load Factors Flaps 0 Flaps 10,20,30 -1.0 to +3.2G 0 to +2.0G
T/O & LDG Ops Airfield Ops Pressure Altitude Ambient Temperature Max Tailwind Component Max Fuel Unbalance for T/O Max Fuel Unbalance for LDG 1. Up to 10,000ft 2.-40 d to ISA +35d Cel. 3.10 kts 4.100 lbs 5.300 lbs
Fuel Limits Min Fuel Temp Max Fuel Temp -40 d +50 d
Enroute Ops Certified Ceiling Ambient Air Temp Max Fuel Unbalance Yaw Damper Extension of gear flaps landing lights Refrig A/C Ceiling 45,000ft -65 to ISA +35 Cel 300 lbs YD- Operable and on for flight in Icing cond or flight above 28,000 ft Extn- Prohib above 20,000 A/C - Prohib above 18,000
Created by: ikarus
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