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BE40 Memory Cards

BeechJet / Hawker 400

Engine Failure During Takeoff (below V1- Takeoff Aborted 1.Brakes - Apply 2.Thrust - Idle Speed 3.Brakes - Extend 4.Thrust Reverser - Deploy
Engine Failure During Takeoff (above V1-- Takeoff CONTINUED) 1.Nose Up Pitch Attitutde at Rotation - 13-15 2.Landing Gear (w/pos rate) - UP 3.Airspeed Maintain - V2
Engine Fire 1.Thrust(affected engine)- Idle if ENG FIRE PUSH switch remain illuminated 2.Thrust Lever (affected engine)- Cutoff 3.Illuminated Fire Bottle Push Either Fire Bottle Switch - Push
Engine Fire Detector Failure 1.Engine Fire Procedures - Complete 2.Remaining Illum Engine Fire Bottle Switch - Push
Engine Failure In LANDING CONFIGURATION 1.Thrust(oper engine) - As Required 2.Airspeed - Vref
Dual Engine FLAMEOUT *Immediate Relight* 1.N2 - Verify above 52% 2.Ignitions - ON *if N2 is not above 52% or Neither engine relights* 3.Battery - EMER
Inadvertant Thrust Reverser Deployment During T/O (BELOW V1- T/O Aborted) 1.Brakes - Apply 2.Thrust - IDLE 3.Speed Brakes - Extend 4.Thrust Reversers - Both Deploy
Inadvertant Thrust Reverser Deployment During T/O (ABOVE V1- T/O Continued) 1.Emergency Stow Push-Switch(aff/eng)- Push 2.Nose UP Pitch Attitude at Rotaion - 13-15 3.Landing Gear(when pos climb estb)- UP 4.Airspeed - V2 Min *if reverser will not stow or lock* 5.Thrust Reverser(affected engine) - CUTOFF
Inadvertant Thrust Reverser Deployment in Flight 1.Emergency Stow Push-Switch(aff/eng) - PUSH 2.Altitude - Below 30,000 Feet 3.Airspeed(until reverser stows/locks)-below 135 knots
Inadvertent Overspeed 1.Thrust - IDLE 2.Speed Brakes - Extend 3.If airplane is in a nosedown attitude, initiate a wings-level pull-up without exceeding structural limits (3.2g)
Loss of Airspeed Indication 1.Autopilot - Disconnect 2.Airspeed - Slow to and maintain 0.2 AOA 3.Thrust - As required 4.Speed Brakes - As Required (slow to 0.25 AOA with Speed Brakes Extended)
Electrical Fire or Smoke 1.Oxy Mask - Don 2.Smoke Gog - Don 3.Mic Selectors - Oxy Mask 4.SPKR switchs - On or Don HS 5.INTRPH switch - ON 6.Smoke Removal Proc - If Necessary *if known source* 7.Faulted Circuts - Isolate *if unknown source* 8.Batt - EMER 9.Master Gen Swi
Environmental System Smoke or Odor 1.Oxy Mask - Don 2.Mic Selectors - Oxy Mask 4.SPKR switchs - On or Don HS 5.INTRPH switch - ON 6.Cabin Pressure Source - Isolate source by selecting L eng or R eng
Smoke Removal 1.Oxy Mask - Don 2.Smoke Gog - Don 3.Mic Selectors - Oxy Mask 4.SPKR switchs - On or Don HS 5.INTRPH switch - ON
Cabin Decompression 1.Oxy Mask - Don 2.Mic Selectors - Oxy Mask 3.SPKR switchs - On or Don HS 4.INTRPH switch - ON
Emergency Descent 1.Thrust - Idle 2.Speed Brakes - Extend 3.Autopilot - OFF 4.Initiate Moderate Bank - 45 max
Overpressurization 1.Cabin Pressure Source - OFF 2.Oxy Mask - Don 3.Mic Selectors - Oxy Mask 4.SPKR switchs - On or Don HS 5.INTRPH switch - ON
Loss of Both Generators 1.GEN FLD and START/GEN Circuit Breakers - Check 2. Generator Reset (L and R) - Reset/Norm
Pitch Trim Runaway or Failure Roll Trim Runaway or Failure Rudder Trim Runaway or Failure 1.Trim Interrupt/AP Disengage Switch - Push and hold
Power Brake Failure 1.Break Safety Wire and Remove Guard Clip on Emergency Brake Handle 2.Emergency Brakes - APPLY GRADUALLY
Autopilot Trim Fail 1.Trim Indicators - Check for proper position for flight condition 2.Trim Interupt/AP Disengage Switch - Push
Autopilot Overspeed Recovery 1.Thrust - Idle
Flight Director Malfunctions 1.Trim Interrupt/AP Disengage Switch - PUSH
Created by: ikarus
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