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What does the term HASAWA mean? Health And Safety At Works Act 1974
Chemicals are an example of what kind of waste? Hazardous
What are hardhats, gloves, goggles, steel toe capped boots, overalls examples of? PPE
How would you dispose of a non-hazardous waste? Put in recycle bin if recyclable or in general rubbish bin
What is the role of a risk assessment? To identify any workplace potential or actual hazards
Why should accidents, incident or problems be reported to a supervisor? To prevent further accidents from happening, to ensure the problem can be reported to the HSE as required by law! RIDDOR
Who enforces the HASAWA legislation? Health and Safety Enforcement officers (HSE officers)
What does the term COSHH mean? Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health
Glass and plastic are examples of what kind of waste? In-organic waste
Horse manure, old bedding, food scraps are examples of what kind of waste? Organic waste
Wearing PPE and keeping your workplace tidy are examples of what kind key procedures? Identify key safe procedures
Does an employer have to provide PPE? YES
How should you store hand tools? In a cupboard, or shed that can be locked and secure
TRUE or FALSE? It is everyone's responsibility to keep the workplace a safe environment. TRUE
If there are 5 or more employees what must a company have by law? A health and Safety policy.
Created by: Julia Garner