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Poetry quiz

Villanelle poem with 19 lines, refrain of line 1 in lines 6,12,18,3 in lines 9,15,19
Antithusis saying opposite thing on the same gramatical way
Sonnet 130 theme? author compares his love to many things such as snow and dun, but at the end takes back everything he said and points out what they have is special, she is perfect just the way she is
Sonnet has 14 lines, rhyme of ab ab cd cd ef ef
sonnet 29 about a man sad about his life- until he meets his love
One Art-villanelle the speaker is choppy in tone because she begins to get sad when she thinks about losing someone close to her
My last Dutchess is built of what kind of couplets heroic couplets
Caesura A break in a line
My last duchess is a ___________________, which is when a speaker talks to a silent audience dramatic monologue
My last duchess is written in continuous.....which causes confusen and a _________effect enjament, controversial
Victorian focus on moral,material growth, women subjected to control, questioned material comfort-complained that materialistic ideas overlooked spirt that makes life beautiful
Created by: xbrittanyxx9