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Unit 6 Discovery


reference a statement that calls or directs attention to something
prospectors people who explore an area for minerals, such as gold
disappointment a feeling of being disappointed or let down
annoyed bothered or disturbed
circular having or making the shape of a circle
outstretched stretched out; extended
glinted sparkled or flashed
wistfully in a sadly longing way: yearning
eavesdropping listening to other people talking without letting then know you are listening
scuffling the sound of feet shuffling
acquaintance a person one knows, but who is not a close friend
jumble a confused mixture or condition: mess
scornfully in a way that shows that something or someone is looked down upon and considered bad or worthless
logical sensible: being the action or result one expects
fossil the hardened remains or traces of an animal or plant that lived long ago
stumbled upon came upon something unexpectedly
paleontologist a scientist who deals with fossils of prehistoric animal and plant life
inspected looked at closely and carefully
astronomer the scientist that deals with the sun, moon, stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies
investigates the process of studying something to learn more about it
solitary living, being, or going alone
territory any large area of land; region
communication an exchange or sharing of feelings, thoughts, or information
nutrients substances needed by the body to live and grow
prehistoric belonging to a time before people started recording history
overcome to get the better of; beat or conquer
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