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Dysphagia Diet

Dysphagia Diet/Random Facts

Level 1 Pureed- homogenous, very cohesive, pudding-like, requires bolus control, no chewing required
Level 2 Mechanically Altered- cohesive, moist, semi-solid foods, requires chewing ability
Level 3 Advanced- soft-solid foods that require more chewing ability
Level 4 Regular- all foods allowed
Increasing liquid viscosity increases... lingual-palatal contact pressure during swallowing by healthy volunteers
Increasing liquid viscosity may slow... the transit of a bolus and increase pharyngeal pressure/UES relation
Delightful Dysphagia Dining (need notes)
Frazier Water Protocol suggests that its. who asp. thin liquids may be able to safely drink water w/positive health benefit
Thickened liquids good for... oral tongue dysfunction & delayed pharyngeal swallow
Purees good for... delayed pharyngeal swallow, reduced laryngeal closure
NMES neuromuscular electrical stimulation. to facilitate improved contraction of weakened muscles when the peripheral nerve supply to those muscles are intact. studied primarily in reference to improved fx or physiologic impact on the musc groups for swallowin
Created by: kaskas