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Week 2 Terms

Amphetamines Substances that are frequently abused as a stimulant medication. They can be used to treat narcolepsy and eating disorders
Bronchodilator is a substance that relaxes the bronchial smooth muscles in the respiratory system.
Expectorant is a substance that removes mucous from the upper respiratory system
Vasodilator a substance that causes the blood vessils to widen
Non-Steroidal Anti-inflamitory angents are substances that inhibit the production of the enzymes necessary for the synthesis of prostaglandins, reducing pain and inflamation.
Stimulant a class of medications that are intended to increase alertness and physical activity
Sedative Relieves anxiety and tension, calms and relaxes.
Proton Pump Inhibitor are substances that reduce gastric acid buildup by blocking the release of protons by proton pumps.
Narcotic Is a drug that is potentially highly abused as a pain reliever causing dependency and tolerance.
Muscle relaxant Are used to treat involuntary, painful contractions of muscles by slowing the passage of nerve signals that cause pain to the muscles.
Hypnotic Refers to a substance that relaxes the central nervous system to produce sleep.
Histamine Blocker Reduce acid secretion by blocking histamine from reaching the H2 receptor.
Diuretic Is a substance that increases the water output of the kidneys; reduces water retention in the body
Decongestant Refers to a substance that shrinks the mucous membraines that produce congestion.
Corticosteroids Are substances use to prevent minor asthma attacks.
Benzodiazepine Is a substance used to treat anxiety disorders.
Antiviral Refers to drugs that fight viral infections in the body
Antitussive Relieves sever cough
Antipasmodic Relieves muscle spasms
Antipyretic refers to a substance that relieves or lowers high fever.
Antineoplastic Substances that are used to kill cancer cells
Anti-Inflammatory Substances that relieve or reduce inflamation.
Anti-Hypertensive Substances that work to lower blood pressure.
Anthistamine Refers to a substance that stops the effects of histamine release that cause sneezing, watery eyes, and congestion.
Antifungal Refers to a substance that kills fungus growing on or in the body
Antimetic Relieves nausea or vomiting.
Antidiarrheal Relieves and decreases G.I. activity that produces diarrhea.
Antidepressant Is a substance that helps maintain proper hormone balance levels to decrease depressive moods.
Anticonvulsant Refers to a substance that stops brain nerve firing to suppress convulsive seizures.
Anticoagulant Refers to a substance that stops blood clotting
Anticholinergic Refers to a substance that inhibits hypersecretion and G.I. motility
Antibiotic is a substance that is used to kill or stop the growth of bacteria in the body
Antianxiety Describes a substance used to reduce or relieve anxiety.
Analgesic Refers to a substance used to relieve acute or chronic pain.
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