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Featherston 3

Instead of referring a matter to a committee, a number of break out groups with every member urged to participate is one method of debate. The groups' conclusions are reported: All of the above are correct.
A member who is in arrears in payment of his dues retains the full rights of a voting member and is legally entitled to vote, unless: he is under disciplinary suspension.
When a vote by ballot is not required by the bylwas, for which of the following would a ballot vote not be prescribed? Non-contested elections.
The text of a report that is to be published which has been amended by the assembly: is published showing the reported version and the changes made.
If a committee is appointed for different sections of the counrty with the expectaion that its work will be done by correspondance, its report: can contain only what is agreed to by a majority of its members.
If the committee chairman is not present: the reporting member is chosen by the committee.
The reporting member of the committee: may announce he is submitting the report and passes it to the president or secretary to be read by a reading clerk.
The adoption of an entire committee report by the assemby: has the effect of endorsing every word of the report.
A motion to implement the recommendations in a committee report: may be assumed by the chair id not made by the reporting member.
In parliamentary procedure, the term "the chair" refers to: the presiding officer's station in the hall fom which he or she presides.
A question arising out of a committee report on a matter referred to it is: an incidental main motion.
In choosing the members of a committee: All of the above are correct.
Who should call a meeting of the committee? The committee chairman.
If certain standing committees are enumerated in the bylaws: no other standing committees may be created unless the bylaws are amended.
If the bylaws are silent on standing committees, a standing committee that has the power to act for a society may be established: by a two-thirds vote with previous notice.
The regular presiding officer leaces the chair and a new chairman is appointed: in a committee of the whole.
When the assembly goes into the committee of the whole, the presiding officer: calls another member to the chair.
For a vote by mail, if the vote is to be secret, the following procedure should be follewed when counting the ballots: All of the above are correct.
A committee of the whole is allowed to: rise and report.
A committee of the whole, lacking a quorum, can: do nothing but rise and report to the assembly.
The quorum of a committee of the whole is: the same as that of the assembly.
When the bylaws provide that the president shall appoint all committees: the nominating committee should be excluded.
If a motion to create a committee names the members: nonmembers of the society may be appointed.
Which of the following results could the presiding officer's vote affect? 25 in favor, 24 opposed; majority required to adopt.
If a motion to create a committee to be named by the president is adopted: the appointment of the committee may be made after the meeting is adjourned if the delay is authorized by the assembly.
Which of the following forms of voting may be used only when expressly stated in the bylaws or if the laws of the statw require it? Proxy voting.
If nominations for all offices have been completed, select the voting procedure to be used: Voting for all offices is commonly done in a single ballot.
A committee report is generally submitted in writing, unless it is brief enough to be recorded in its entirety. A written report: begins with the identification of the committee.
The resignation of a member of a committee should be adrressed: to the appointing power.
Who presides at a meeting when the presiding officer temporarilu vacates the chair and the only vice president declines to preside? The president appoints a chairman pro tem, unless members nominate other persons.
It is a fundamental principle of parliamentary law that the right to vote: is limited to the members of the society who are actually present at the time the vote is taken in a legal meeting.
Nominations by the chair: can be amended by a member moving to strike out one or more names and if adopted, the chair must insert other names.
Appointment of members of a committee by the president: cannot be assumed unless provided for in the bylaws or by action of the assembly.
If the bylaws do nto establish a time for the term of office to begin, it begins: immediately if the candidate is present and does not decline.
The minutes of a special meeting should be approved: at the next regular meeting.
If an amendment was pending when a resolution was referred to a committee and the recommendation of the committee is for postponement to a certain time, the chair states the question first on the: postponement.
In meetings of small boards with less than twelve members: all proposed actions must be approved by vote under the same rules as in other assemblies.
During the proceedings of a committee: motions to close or limit debate are generally not allowed.
Committee procedure: allows only committee members during actual deliberations of the committee.
Except for interrupting consideration of the main motion, a motion that has no effect on the disposition of the main motion is the motion to: rise to a question of privilege affecting the assembly.
What device enables a large assembly to give detailed consideration to a matter under conditions of freedom approximating those of a committee? Committee of the whole.
When the parliamentarian is a member of the society: he does not vote on any question, except when the vote is by ballot.
If a committee reports back a resolution with a substitute that it recommends for adoption, the chair states the question on: any primary and secondary amendment referred, then the substitute.
Strictly speaking, nominations are not necessary: when an election is by ballot or roll call.
If a parliamentarian is needed by an organization: the president should be free to appoint someone in whom he has confidence.
A committee of the whole: rises and reports when it wishes to bring the meeting to an end.
A right of the president is to: vote either to break or to cause a tie.
In an election of committee members: if no more than the prescribed number are nominated, the chair declares them elected.
A committee that ceases to exist when the assembly recieves its final report is: a special committee.
A committee report includes recommendations at the end of the report. The reporting member, at the conclusion of the committee report, should: move the adoption of the recommendations.
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