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ICT for School Admin

To check you understanding of ICT for School Admin

What are the problems with paper based registers in schools? Marks were completed by teachers during morning and afternoon registration only<br> Registers stored in a central place<br> Marks were added up manually<br> Statistics only created at the end of each term<br> Pupils could alter their marks<br>
What are the advantages of Computer Based Registration System? Attendance is captured accurately<br> Student attendance is captured automatically<br> Misuse of the system is made more difficult<br> Can record attendance at each lesson<br>
How can ICT record Registration? Using OMR (optical mark recognition)<br> Wireless Systems<br> RFID (Radio Frequency Identification obtains data stored on a tag using radio signals<nr>
What Biometric Scanning Could be used for School Registration Systems Retinal Scanning<br> Finger print Scanning<br>
What are the advantages of using ICT to record attendance? Recorded almost in real time<br> Less admin burden<br> Biometric methods hard to abuse<br> Exact time of attendance is noted<br> Reports can be generated quickly<br> Less space is taken up<br> Better pupil attendance<br>
What are the disadvantages of using ICT to record attendance? Biometric readers are very expensive<br> Privacy and human rights issues with fingerprinting<br> Readers must be kept clean or false reads can take place<br> Need a system of backup in case the system fails<br>
What other uses are there for Biometric Systems in schools? Library books borrowing and returning<br> Use of photocopiers<br> Entry to control to buildings and rooms<br>
What ICT software and hardware can also help in Schools administration Internet<br> Intranet<br> Word processing<br> Spreadsheets<br> Presentation software<br> Electronic data interchange<br> Timetabling software<br>