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ICT in Education

To check you understanding of ICT and Education

Describe Distance Learning? Learning that takes place away from confines of a traditional teacher/lecturer<br> Computer communications provide new opportunities for distance learning<br> Offered by many universities<br>
What ICT does Distance Learning use? – Email<br> – Chat rooms<br> – Videoconferencing <br>
What is Videoconferencing? Enables two or more individuals at different locations to see and talk to each other and exchange audio, video or any other digital file<br> Enables users to share computer applications and even work concurrently on same file <br>
List four uses of Videoconferencing? Distance learning<br> Conferences for schools<br> Virtual trips to places of interest<br> Collaborative working <br>
Describe Online/elearning. Authoring software can be used to create multimedia products to teach particular subjects<br> If placed on line so that it can be accessed from the Internet it is called e-learning or simply on-line learning<br> Offers a variety of courses<br>
What are the advantages of Online/Elearning Students can work at own pace<br> No need to worry about getting things wrong, the computer does not judge<br> Immediate feedback<br> No set lesson times<br> Can fit learning around work and family commitments<br> Wide range of subjects<br>
What are the disadvantage of Online/Elearning? No social side<br> Lack of flexibility<br> Can be expensive compared to other methods<br> Work in isolation without classmates<br> Need to be motivated<br> Need more self-control<br>
List other ways ICT can help learning Interactive Whiteboards<br> Authoring Software to make own games etc<br> Presentation Software<br> Revision Software<br>