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Colloquial Chapter 2

di sana over there
merokok to smoke
baigan department
kepala head
orang perempuan woman
bukan no (in front of nouns)
tidak no (in front of verbs)
suka like
mereka datang ke pesta They came to the party
keluar to go out
kamu you (familiar)
sendiri alone
lemari cupboard
ambil to get
gula sugar
kembali welcome
silahkan please
silahkan ambil sendiri please help yourself
termia kasih thank you
silahkan masuk please come in
makanan food
putih white
bahwa that
belajar to learn
salah wrong
merah red
malu shy
yang who; which
tetapi but
betul correct
bertanya to ask
mengajar to teach
jangan dont
di pojok in the corner
juga too; also
pegawai personnel
mengetik to type
setiap hari every day
besok tomorrow
mulai to start
bisa can
berbicara to speak
kue cake
rumah house
masuk come in
pesta party
kemarin yesterday
di sini here
sedang makan am eating
akan will
kopi coffee
itu it
depat can
bertemu to meet
beli to buy
untuk for; to
prangko swamp
mengapa why
mahasiswa university student
polisi police
kenal to know personally
pandai cleaver
rajin diligent
kaya rich
senang happy
baik good; nice
tentu saya of course
saudara relative
ada is; there is
sedang in the middle of
mau want
tunggu to wait
masih still
jauh far
Created by: koolaidoh