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Presentation Info

Check you understanding of Presenting Information

Give examples of 4 different types of Audience • Adults<br> • Children<br> • Teenagers<br> • OAP<br>
List different types of Formats • text<br> • tables<br> • graphics<br> • audio<br> • animation<br> • video<br>
Give examples of different types of Media video<br> teletext<br> text message<br> audio<br> website<br> printed form eg a newspaper<br>
What Factors affect the choice of types of Media? Nature and Complexity of the Information<br> Time to study<br> Needs of the recipient<br> Lifespan of information<br>
What is a template? Templates are master documents stored on the computer and have a pre-defined layout. They often include such things as Headers and Footers, address information and frames into which text may be typed. An example is letter headed notepaper
What is a style sheet? Style sheets are master documents stored on the computer and have a pre-defined style.
What is mail merge? With a mail-merge, data from an external database (e.g.: names and addresses of customers) is inserted automatically (merged) at appropriate places into a master document (template) and printed out to create a series of 'personalised' documents
What are the advantages of using Word Processing and DTP software packages 1. Ability to draft<br> 2. Presentation of work is greatly enhanced <br> 3. Ability to send attachments in emails <br> 4. Ability to view documents on-line and make use of interactive features such as hyperlinks <br> 5. Ability to mailmerge.<br>
What are the disadvantages of using Word Processing and DTP Software 1. Initial expense of computer and software<br> 2.Training will be required<br> 3. Graphical images/ use of coloured backgrounds etc may be expensive in terms of hardware (file storage) and printing consumables <br>
What are spreadsheets used for? Financial Modelling<br> WHAT IF Modelling and Object Modelling<br>
What are the main functions of spreadsheets? Calculations<br> FORMULAS (=B3*C3/D3)<br> Built-in FUNCTIONSeg: (=VLOOKUP(B3,B3:B25,0))<br> VARIABLES– cell references which hold key data used in formulae <br> LOGIC FUNCTIONS eg IF statement, = IF(B3>C3,"YES","NO")) GRAPHS and CHARTS <br>
What are the advantages of Spreadsheets Easy to replicate formulae <br> Graphs and Charts update <br> FINANCIAL MODELLING, <br> 'WHAT IF' analysis – changing the variables to view the effect on output <br> OBJECT MODELLING,<br> Models can be speeded up or slowed down to see effects
What are the disadvantages of Spreadsheets Expensive to set up<br> Uaefulness depends on accuracy<br>