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ICT at Home

Check your understanding of ICT at Home

What hardware is required for playing games? A fast processor<br> A large screen<br> A large amount of RAM<br> A disk drive with plenty of storage capacity<br> A high quality graphics card<br> A high quality sound card<br> Large powerful speakers<br>
What are the advantages of playing computer games? Young children can learn from them<br> Can make learning fun<br> Some games are played on-line as a team so it encourages team work<br> Can lead to well paid employment as a game designer, programmer etc<br>
What are the disadvantages of playing computer games? Can be addictive<br> Often a sedentary activity - can lead to obesity <br> Can be very violent<br> Wastes time- school work can suffer<br> Health problems<br>
What are the advantages of Digital Photography They can be shared by attaching them to emails<br> - They can be sent via mobile phones<br> They can be passed to social networking sites<br> They can be edited.<br>
What features does image editing software have Copy part of an image<br> Add text<br> Re-size<br> Crop<br> Remove red eye<br> Alter the file format<br> Apply filters <br>
What are the advantages of downloading music The ease with which they can be obtained<br> The ability to just download tracks that you want<br> You can still burn the tracks to a CD as long as they are for personal use<br> The ease at which they can be loaded onto portable players<br>
What are the disadvantages of downloading music Many people use file sharing sites to avoid having to pay for downloaded music tracks<br> People who download music or films illegally will be cut off from the internet by their internet service provides<br> You do not have a physical CD <br>
What does MIDI stand for? Musical Instrumental Digital Interface
What does MIDI do? MIDI is a protocol or standard that is used by the music industry to allow musical data files to be shared between devices
What is a Sequencer? Sequencers are hardware or software used to create and manage electronic music eg drum machines
What is a Notator? A noator is a piece of software that allows you to compose your own music.
What are the advantages of Interactive digital TV Services? Joining in programmes by sending in comments<br> Seeing extra new stories and sports coverage<br> Booking cinema and holiday tickets<br> Playing games<br> Shopping<br> Placing bets<br> Using email<br> Placing votes for programmes<br>
What are the disadvantages of Interactive digital TV Services? May encourage young children to play games on their TV rather than play more energetic games<br> Could cause addiction to checking and sending email, playing games etc<br> Gambling services could cause addiction to gambling<br>