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computer structure


First Large scale Electronic Computer for the military or ENIAC Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator
Created the stored program computer model John Von Neumann
CPU - WORK STORAGE - PERMANENT STORAGE - INPUT DEVICES - OUTPUT DEVICES Common components of the John Von Neumann Computer Model.
The Von Neumann bottleneck refers to a limit on the throughput between CPU and memory
The amount of memory in the Altair kit 256 bytes
Order of the historical technology sequence (earliest to the most recent) Tubes -> Transistors -> Integrated circuits
Switch in the first Digital computer (Gives off a lot of heat and uses a lot of power) Vacuum Tube
received Nobel prize for inventing the transistor Bardeen - Brattain - Shockley
Has an excess of free electrons N - type silicon
Silicon used to make a Mosfat works as a Semi conductor
Integrated circuit chips double every 18 - 24 months Moores Law
First operating system for the personal computer MS - Dos
First IBM microprocessor Intel 8088
Generic PC White Box
Created by: mfredette