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Colloquial Chapter 1

good evening salemat malaam
name nama
I; Me; My saya
orang person
pegawai employee
maaf excuse me
anda you
toko shop
pakainan clothes
ini this
isteri wife
dia he;him;it
kantor office
manajer manager
meja makan dining table
mesin tulis typewriter
kamar tidur bed room
kapal terbang airplane
tas merah red bag
rumah putih white house
kopi hitam black coffee
teh manis sweet tea
juga also
sehat healthy
teman friend
murid pupil
wisatawan tourist
suami husband
buku book
Jepang Japan
pos post
anak child
di mana where
tinggal live
kapan when
pulang come home
nya his
pergi go
minum drink
tidur go to bed
datang to arrive
makan to eat
dari from
pak sir
ayah father
Created by: koolaidoh