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french2cHESS verbes

every verb you've ever wanted to know...

ressusciter to raise (from the dead)
témoigner to witness
accomplir to accomplish
choisir to choose
désobéir to disobey
établir to establish
finir to finish
grossir to gain weight
maigrir to lose weight
polir to polish
punir to punish
obéir to obey
réssir (à) to succeed (at)
rougir to blush, redden
wieiller to grow old
pouvoir to be able (to)
travailler to work
éternuer to sneeze
tousser to cough
avoir soif to be thirsty
avoir sommeil to be sleepy
avoir tort to be wrong
avoir chaud to be hot
avoir faim to be hungry
avoir froid to be cold
avoir l'air to appear, to seem
avoir raison to be right
compter to count
emporter to take
glisser to slip
dessiner to draw
oublier to forget
reposer to put back
attraper to catch
défendre ro defend
battre to beat
rejoindre to join, meet
sauter to jump
voler to fly
capter to catch
lancer to pitch, throw a ball
être to be
avoir to have
aller to go
acheter to buy
aimer to like, love
chercher to look for
désirer to want
détester to dislike
entrer to enter
manger to eat
parler to talk
préféreer to prefer
regarder to look at
rentrer to go home
trouver to find
commander to order
demander to ask
dpréféreerjeuner to eat lunch
dîner to dine, eat dinner
donner to give
prendre to take
faire to do, make
couper to cut
quitter to leave
dormir to sleep
mentir to lie (i know you're lying!)
partir to leave
servir to serve
sortir to go out, exit
mettre to put, to put on, to place, to turn on, to set (the table)
permettre to allow
remettre to give back, to postpone
promettre to promise
vider to empty
remplir to fill
repasser to iron
préparer to fix
étudier to study
utiliser to use
porter to wear
fêter to celebrate
neiger to snow
pleuvoir to rain
géler to freeze
nager to swim
suprendre to suprise
comprendre to understand
apprendre to learn
aider to help
commencer to begin
participer to participate
prier to pray
crier to scream
plouvoir to cry
attendre to wait (for)
descendre to go down, descend
entendre to hear
perdre to lose
rendre visite (à) to visit (people)
répondre to answer
égarer to be lost
flatter to flatter
accompagner to accompany
composter to punch (a ticket)
réeserver to reserve
rencontrer to meet, come across, encounter
voyager to travel
nettoyer to clean
collectionner to collect
jouer to play
louer to rent
vouloir to want
savoir to know
habiter to live, inhabit
accepter to accept
chanter to sing
marcher to walk
confesser to confess
créer to create
discuter to discuss
écouter to listen (to)
passer to pass
prêcher to preach
révéler to reveal
vendre to sell
dire to say
écrire to write
lire to lead
avoir besoin de to need, have need of
avoir envie de to want
avoir peur de to fear, to be afraid of
parler to talk about
se servir de to use, to make use of
se souvenir de to remember
faire la connaissance to get aquainted with
s'occuper de to be busy with
employer to use
payer to pay
envoyer to send
peser to weigh
assurer to insure, guarentee
distribuer to distribute
connaître to know
croire to believe
devoir should, ought
tenir to hold, keep
venir to come
voir to see
arriver to arrive
devenir to become
monter to go up
mourir to die
naître to be born
poursuivre to chase
délivrer to deliver
mener to lead
rentrer to re-enter
rester to stay
retourner to return
revenir to come back
tomber to fall
se baigner to bathe
se brosser to brush
se choucher to go to bed
se coiffer to de one's hair
se dépêcher to hurry
se déshabiller to get undressed
se détendre to relax
se doucher to shower
s'endormir to fall asleep
se fâcher to get angry
s'haniller to get dressed
se laver to wash
se lever to get up
se maquiller to put on make-up
se peigner to comb
se promener to take a walk
se raser to shave
se reposer to rest
se réveiller to wake up
s'en aller to leave, go away
s'amuser to have fun
s'appeler to be named
se demander to wander
s'endormir to fall asleep
paître to graze
prouver to prove
bêler to bleat
s'ennuyer to be bored
s'intéresser à to be interested in
se mettre à to begin
se moquer de to make fun of
se passer to happen, go on
se repentir de to repent
se tromper to be wrong
se trouver to be located
appartenir to belong to
retenir to keep, detain
obtenir to obtain, get
soutenir to support
ouvrir to open
couvrir to cover
offrir to offer
découvrir to discover
soufrir to suffer
épouser to marry
rêver to dream
déchirer to tear
économiser to save
emprunter to borrow
paraître to appear
délasser to relax
reconnaître to recognize
se rappeler to recall
Created by: iluvhorses