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Revision cards for AQA AS INFO1 Software

What are the two main types of software? Systems software and applications software
What is systems software? The Operating system and other software required for the computer to work usefully and efficiently
What is applications software? The software needed for the user to carry out the tasks they wish to perform on the computer
What are the functions of an operating system? Managing memory Allocating processor time Controlling where data is stored on the disk Communicating with input and output devices Handling errors System security
What is utility software? A type of systems software that helps maintain or configure the computer or help it work more efficiently , e.g. file management, disk clean up, anti-virus, back-up software
What is driver software? Software that enables a device to communicate with the operating system
Types of applications software (11) Word processing; spreadsheet; presentation; desk-top publishing; email; web browser; graphics editing; database management; sound editing; animation; web authoring
What is bespoke software? Software designed and created for a specific user and their requirements, e.g. a stock control system created for a supermarket chain
What is generic software? Software that is general purpose and available for everyone to buy and can be used for a number of different tasks, e.g. word processing, spreadsheet
What is specific/specialist software? Software available for everyone to buy but has limited or specialist use, e.g. web authoring, Computer Aided Design
Features of word processing software (7) Text formatting; spell and grammar checking; templates; styles; mail merge; creation of automatic tables of contents and indexes; tables
Features of spreadsheet software (6) Formulae; functions (e.g. IF, VLOOKUP); cell formatting; what if functions and scenarios; charts and graphs; cell validation
Features of database management software (7) Queries; reports; forms; related tables; validation; sorting; data types
Features of e-mail software Spam filters; address book; send/receive/forward messages; attachments; some contain calendar, appointment and task list functions