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Revision cards for AQA AS INFO1 Inputs

What is an input device? The physical piece of hardware used to input data into a computer system
What is input media? Something that is fed into the input device (i.e. paper into a scanner, barcode, cheque)
Manual input devices (6) Keyboard; mouse; concept keyboard; touch screen; graphics tablet; speech recognition
Automated input devices (7) Card readers; scanners; Optical Mark Recognition (OMR); Optical Character Recognition (OCR); barcode reader; Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR); RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
Input devices for sound (2) Microphone; digital musical instrument (e.g. keyboard)
Input devices for video and still images (3) Webcam, digital camera, digital camcorder
What is OCR, what is it used for and why? Optical Character Recognition - turns text on paper into computer characters and creates file with editable text. Mainly used for forms such as passport applications - saves time over having to enter data manually.
What is OMR, and what is it used for? Optical Mark Recognition - senses position of marks on specialist data capture forms, such as multiple choice exams or lottery play slips.
What is MICR and what is it used for? Magnetic Ink Character Recognition used for processing cheques, very expensive to produce and difficult to forge
What is RFID and what is it used for? Radio Frequency Identification - radio waves transmit a unique serial number from a tag attached to an object that is scanned by a specialist reader. Used for tracking goods or equipment, and in Oyster cards.
Specialist input devices (2) Games controller; devices adapted for users with disabilities e.g. trackball mouse
Factors to consider when choosing an input device (5) Type of data Volume of data User preferences Cost Where device will be used