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twin revolutionsindustrial , political
philoshopers john locke, isaac newton
practical experience versus abstract thought empiricism
actions and deeds of ancient greek and romans neoclassicism
center of the art world rome
durable porcelain jasperware
enlightenment logical, real
the french artist jacques-louis david
karl marx and friedrich engels comminist manifesto
atitude and license to abondon logic romanticism
the romantic era cult of the individual
of all visual arts painting
goyas enormus dramatic painting the third of may
william blake invented a process monotype
turners late sytle abstract
turners painting was influenced by the seasons the slave ship
emerson and thoreaus works nature and walden
western fascination orientalism
auguste comte coined the word positivism
positivism was the rise of photography
self proclaimed banner carrier gustave coubet
realism championed laborors and country folk
impeccably dressed man flaneur
painting outdoors plein air
primary and secondary colors become stronger simultaneous contrast
19th century builders used cast iron
cultural dihotomy belle epoque and finde siecle
pointillism divisionism
greasy crayon tusche
jean-jacques two paintings noble savage and primitive
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