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TCM Fundamentals II

The six external excesses are also six climatic conditions under normal circumstance TRUE
Wind is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT: 1. It is Yang and injures Yin 2. Rapid onset and changes 3. other pathogens may combine with it 4. alone, it usually attacks the lower body 4. alone, it usually attacks the lower body
The feeling of chill in external pathogen attacks is due to obstruction of the: 1. LU 2. LV 3. Defensive Qi 4. 12 regular meridians 3. Defensive Qi
Describe the nature and effects of the Damp pathogen in 15 words or less: Damp slows Qi & function. It affects the lower body. Hard to get rid of.
Which Pathogen may affect the mind most? 1. Wind 2. Fire 3. Cold 4. Dryness 2. Fire
List the 8 miscellaneous causes of diseases, those neither internal nor external. 1. Weak constitution 2. Over exertion 3. Excess Sexual Activity 4. Wrong Treatment 5. Essence/timing 6. Trauma 7. Bad Diet 8. Parasites & Poisons
List the 7 emotions 1. Joy 2. Anger 3. Fear. 4. Worry 5. Shock 6. Pensiveness 7. Sadness
Which emotion most affects the Kidneys? Fear
Which emotion stagnates and weakens the Qi in the chest? Grief/Sadness
Which emotions will weaken the Yin within a short period of time, because they lead to heat or fire of either a deficiency or excess nature. Joy & Anger
A weak constitution, which may cause disease, is directly related with the quality of the: 1. Blood 2. Yang 3. Essence 4. Liver 3. Essence
The illness causing effects of excessive sexual activity in women is seen especially in: 1. pregnancy and childbirth, especially multiple times 2. regular intercourse, at least 3 times per mn 3. lack of intercourse, with anger 4. none of the above 1. pregnancy and childbirth, especially multiple times
Diet as a cause of disease can be seen in: 1. overeating 2. eating fast 3. insufficient food 4. all of the above 4. all of the above
mental overwork damages which organ? Spleen
What two emotions directly affect the Spleen? Worry & Pensiveness
Describe the nature and the effects of the Cold External Pathogen: Yin pathogen that damages Yang. Sharp and knife like. effects LU and warming function.
Excessive consumption of sweet foods gives rise to which of the following internally: 1. heat 2. cold 3. damp 4. dryness 3. damp
What are the main effects of overeating in terms of Chinese Medicine? Overeating depletes SP Yang which causes moisture & dampness, fatigue, weak digestion, runny stools. Phlegm is generated internally.
Which of the following external pathogens may lead to delirium and fainting? 1. Wind-Cold 2. Wind-Heat 3. Summerheat 4. Dampness 3. Summerheat
What body position over time injures the KI? Standing
Which emotion makes Qi descend? Fear
What are the main effects of trauma in TCM pathology Scatters Qi, affects the KI & HT, presents as restless delirium. Qi & Blood stagnate leads to Bi Syndrome
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