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olden days

Life back in the olden days

Elite/Jobs/Occupation Planters-owned at least 20 slaves-grew and sold crops(cotton, rice and indigo)-political leaders
Elite/Education Private tudors-Private schools
Elite/Homes very fancy-large plantations homes-lots of land-well decorated
MIddle Class/Jobs/Occupation Merchants (buys and sells goods)-shop keepers-physicians (doctors)-attorneys (lawyers)-owned a few slaves-(not rich but had enough money to live comfortably)
Middle Class/Education children were taught to read and write
Middle Class/Homes most lived in cities and towns
Lower Class/Jobs/Occupation very few jobs (unskilled)
Lower Class/Education under-educated
Lower Class/Homes squatted on other people's land to live and farm
Independent Farmer/Jobs/Occupation owned small amount of land and worked it himself-worked hard to row and harvest crops such as tobacco and cotton
Independent Farmer/Education educated at home sometimes
Independent Farmer/Homes small, wooded, not many rooms
Free African Americans/Jobs/Occupation skill-specific job(carpentry, artisians, music making, tailors, barbers, butchers, bakers-owned independent farms
Free African Americans/Education might be taught to read and write at home, but there were no public schools for them
Free African Americans/Homes Small wooded houses, maybe two or three rooms
Enslaved African Americans/Jobs/Occupation worked in fields of masters house-Field workers worked long hours tending to crops on plantations-they also worked as carpenters and blacksmiths
Enslaved African Americans/Education Illegal for them to learn to read and write
Enslaved African Americans/Homes One room slave cabin
Created by: Hannah Driggers