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Revision cards for AQA AS INFO1 Health and Safety

Name four health and safety risks associated with the use of ICT RSI Eye strain Back and neck pain Stress
Name the legislation that covers health and safety using ICT Health and Safety at Work Act Display Screen Regulations
What are an employer's responsibilities under H&S legislation? Carry out risk assessments Provide training Provide suitable equipment Provide breaks Pay for eye tests
What are an employee's responsibilities under H&S legislation? Abide by training Report any hazards
What equipment can be used to minimise health and safety risks for IT users? Adjustable chair with 5 point base Wrist rest Copy holder (to keep work at eye level) Ergonomic mouse and keyboard Foot rest
Software features that can reduce eye strain Contrast between background and font colours Sensible font sizes and styles Allow user to adjust font size and colour
Software features that can reduce stress Meaningful error messages Consistency from screen to screen Logical order of material on screen Help options
Software features that can reduce RSI Minimise number of mouse clicks and keyboard presses (macros, shortcuts,drop-down boxes etc) Default values and automatically filling in fields (e.g. address from postcode) to reduce typing Keep need for scrolling and dragging to minimum