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Study prep for Adobe Certified Associate exam

DIV Used for structure for a website and are better than tables for setup since they are standards compliant.
Files This panel shows the green site folder and all files and folders and allows you to publish to a server.
FLV Format for Flash Video.
hotspot Tool used to set areas on an imagemap--circle, rectangle, and polygon.
imagemap This clickable graphic is created using the hotpot tool.
cloaking Enables you to exclude files and folders or specific filetypes from operations such as Get or Put when posting to the web server.
Snippets Panel where you can save pieces of HTML code for easy insertion into a webpage.
Split View where you can see both the code and the design view.
CSS Layout Backgrounds Visual aid features that makes each DIV appear a different color in Design View.
absolute A path for a hyperlink that goes to a specific place on the internet starting with http://
relative A path that goes to certain folders based on the current file location, like images/dog.jpg
em HTML code for italics that replaced i
spry A special framework of reusable widgets created in Ajax. When you insert a widget, Dreamweaver automatically includes the necessary JavaScript and CSS files in your site when you save the page.
screen readers Accessibility tool that reads the text on the page and the alt text from images.
server models PHP, MySQL, ASP Javascript, and ColdFusion
site analytics Details about a website, such as number of visitors, location of visitors, most visited pages, and how the site was located online.
external CSS The most consistent way to use CSS, which is to link it to a separate CSS page.
embedded CSS When you put all CSS styles in a style section in the head of a webpage.
inline CSS When styles are put inside HTML tags (such as style="text-align: center" inside an h1 tag on the webpage)
BrowserLab An online service through Adobe that will preview your website on multiple browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome) and operating systems.
Assets This panel shows a list of certain categories of items--images, shockwave files, video, sound and colors in a webpage.
http:// An absolute hyperlink starts with this.
demographics The most important criteria about your audience used to determine relevance of site content.
Live View This "view" in Dreamweaver lets you preview SWF files, animated GIFs, rollovers, and video.
head This section of a webpage includes things like the title, meta, and link tags.
CSS The website http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ is used to find errors and potential problems in:
WCAG These guidelines are the closest you can get to official usability standards for web design.
storyboard A usability prototype consisting of a series of screen sketches that permit you to visualize and organize the content and configuration of your website.
wireframe Blueprints in web design planning. The purpose is to communicate the order, structure, layout, navigation and organization of content, and NOT the visual aspects of the design such as imagery, color and typography.
progressive This type of FLV video streaming is where the HTML contains the required code to playback a FLV file from a server location. The video plays as the file is downloaded and the user doesn't have to wait until the whole file is downloaded.
server This video streaming is more secure for the host of the video; though it plays as it streams, the file resides on the streaming server and is not downloaded while it is played.
Created by: skindawg