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Nervous System

Neurons & Interneurons

What is the function of the Nervous System? to GENERATE, TRANSMIT, and INTEGRATE electrical Impulses for Sensory and Motor functions
What are Neurons? FUNCTIONAL units of the NS
What is the function of Sensory Neurons? carry info about the Internal or External Environment
What are the 2 types of Neurons? Sensory, Motor
What is the pathway of Sensory Information? Receptor Cell --> Sensory Nerve --> Spinal Cord --> Brain
Which Neurons are Afferent? Sensory = TOWARD the Brain
Which Neurons are Efferent? Motor = carry info AWAY from the Brain
What is the function of Motor Neurons? carry signals that produce MOVEMENT
What is the pathway for Motor information? Brain --> Spinal Cord --> Motor Nerve --> Muscle/Gland
What is the shape of Sensory Neurons, and where are they located? Uni-polar - originates in the PNS, Cell Body in the CNS
What is the shape of Motor Neurons, and where are they located? Multi-polar = single axon - origintaes in the CNS --> PNS
What is the function of Interneurons? LINK Neurons in the Brain and Spinal Cord - enable Sensor INTERPRETATION and Complex ACTIONS
Which cells make up most of Brain matter? Interneurons
Which cells are responsible for some Emotions? Interneurons: jealousy, lust, appreciation
What is another name for Interneurons? Association Neurons
What is the pathway of Assoication signals? Snesory Nerve --> Interneuron --> Sensory/Motor Neuron
What is the function of a Dendrite? carry info INTO the Cell Body
What is the function of an Axon? carry info OUT of the Cell Body
T/F. The # of Neurons a person has determines their Intelligence? F. The # of Synapses a person has formed
T/F. Neurons are Amitotic, therefore a person can never become more Intelligent? F. Neurons are Amitotic, but Synapses can grow thoughout life
What is the action that Motor neurons give to Muscle? Contraction
What is the action Motor Neurons give to Glands? Secretion
Created by: Kristel