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Misc. Points

Miscellaneous points

Yintang Calms shen/mind
Sishencong Four points at vertex of head/crown chakra: calms spirit (d/t LV yang or fire rising), stimulates brain/memory,
Yuyao Benefits eyes/frontal sinus, relaxes sinews, alleviates pain
Taiyang Eliminates wind/clears heat: headache at temples (d/t LV yang/fire rising), reduces swelling/pain (toothache/breast)
Erjian Clear heat and dissipates swelling, benefits eyes/throat
Bitong Benefits nose (congestion, rhinitis)
Bailao Transforms phlegm, dissipates nodules, Cough/Dyspnea, (neck pain)
Anmian Calms spirit and pacifies the liver, Treats insomnia
Dingchuan Calms dyspnea and wheezing/cough (asthma), expels exterior wind
Weiguanxiashu Clears heat/generates fluid (Xiao ke-Type I Diabetes), Treats Pancreas-Inner BS of pancreas (digestive enzymes)
Yaoyan Strengthens KD and benefits lumbar region (Quadratus lumborum)
Shiqizhuixia Tonifies KD and promotes urination (fetus on bladder), Activates channel/alleviate back pain
Huatuojiaji Regulates and harmonizes 5 zang and 6 fu; C1-7: neck, T1-T4: LU/upper limbs, T4-T7:HT, T7-T10:LV/GB, T10-T12:SP/ST, L1-L2:KD, L3-L5:UB/SI/LI/uterus, lower limbs,
Zigong Tonifies and warms original qi and KD Jing, regulates menstruation/fertility, Calms fetus (abortion)
Tituo Raises/regulates qi (dysmenorrhea)
Shixuan Prick to bleed followed by moxibustion, opens portals and revives consciousness, drains heat and pacifies wind
Sifeng Fortifies SP, dissipates acumulation; childhood digestive disorders (colic in infants)
Baxie Clears heat, dissipates swelling (peripheral neuropathy), Treats d/o of hands and fingers
Bafeng Clears heat, dissipates swelling (peripheral neuropathy, malaria, dysmenorrhea, treats d/o of toes
Yaotongxue Invigorates qi/blood in lumbar region (have patient stand up and move back while manipulating for acute lbp/spasms/strain
Luozhen Invigorates qi/blood in neck region (esp. acute stiffness/pain)
Erbai Treats hemorrhoids (UB 35,40,57), Treats prolapse of rectum
Zhoujian Transforms phlegm, dissipates swelling
Jianqian aka Jianeiling Activates qi/blood, benefits shoulder joint (esp anterior)
Baichongwo Clears heat from blood, Eliminates wind, Drains damp (rash/itching)
Heding Activates qi/blood, benefits knee joint
Xiyan ST 35 +medial eye; Dispels wind damp, reduce swelling/alleviates pain of knee joint)
Lanweixue only on R side Activates qi/blood and clears heat/fire poison from LI (Acute appendicitis: ST37, ST 25, LI 11, but call 911 if McBurney's test is +
Dannangxue on R side at point of maximal tenderness Clears heat/drains damp (dz of bile duct, gallstones, cholecystitis)
Qiuhou Benefits eyes (myopia, presbyopia, cataracts, strabismus)
Jiachengjiang Eliminates wind (facial paralysis/trigeminal neuralgia), activates qi/blood, alleviates pain (toothache)
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