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Lesson 3 PowerPoint

the way text lines up with respect to margins or tabs the position of text and graphics in relation to a text box’s margins and to other text and graphics on a slide 1. Alignment
an effect that when applied causes text and graphics to move an display on screen in specific ways 2. Animation scheme
a graphic that appears behind the information in a worksheet sold colors patterns or pictures that fill the entire slide and appear behind the slide’s content 3. Background
the eight colors used in a slide’s design each design template has a specific color scheme that is used for the presentation’s background 4. Color scheme
the color applied to the interior of a shape 5. Fill color
the overall design of a fill set of characters also known as typeface 6. Font
and effect that can be applied to a font such as bold italic or underline 7. Font style
text that appears at the bottom of every page or presentation 8. Footer
a tool that allows you to copy formatting from one object and paste to another 9. Format Painter
any change made to the appearance of the text content on a slide 10. Formatting
the gradual shading of a graphic from one side or corner to the other 11. Gradient
text that appears at the top of every page or presentation 12. Header
the orientation of a page worksheet or a slide that is wider than it is tall 13. Landscape
the color applied to a line or to the border of a shape 14. Line color
the orientation of a page worksheet or presentation that is taller than it is wide 15. Portrait
to turn an object usually 90 degrees to the left or right 16. Rotate
the arrangement of text and graphics on a slide 17. Slide layout
a slide that serves as a model for every slide in a presentation except the Title slide 18. Slide Master
an effect that occurs between slides during a slide show 19. Transition
the overall design of a full set of characters also known as font 20. Typeface
the act of looking forward 21. Anticipate
special importance or significance 22. Emphasis
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