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Kerb. L’ordre public

L’ordre public

la délinquance crime, criminality
il le vaut bien he/they deserve(s) it
fournir to provide
parvenir to succeed
entraîner to entail, to lead to
soi oneself
aboutir to end up
le délit offence
une infraction breach, infringement
enregistré recorded
la voie publique public highway
le taux d’élucidation clear-up rate
le semestre term (of six months)
une atteinte attempt, attack
les biens goods, property
le cambriolage burglary
la récidive re-offending
dissuader to deter
à peine hardly
engorgé overcrowded
obsédé obsessed
apaiser to quell, to appease
une échelle scale
le dispositif measure, arrangement
mettre en place to set up, to put in place
le milieu environment, setting
périscolaire outside school
le brevet certificate, diploma
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