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Physiology I

RBC - Test 1

What is the 4 functions of RBCs? 1. Transportation 2. Hemostasis - Clotting and Fluidity 3. Homeostasis 4. Carbonic Anhydrase - catalyst for CO2 and H20 reactions
What is the shape and structure of a RBC RBCs have a round biconcave disc that allows it deform allowing it to pass through capillaries which have about the same diameter of 7.8 micrometers
What is the concentration of RBC's in men? 5,200,000 mm3 (+ 3,000,000 varying according to size of individual, activity levels, and elevation)
What is the concentration of RBC's in women? 4,700,000 mm3 (+ 3,000,000 varying according to size of individual, activity levels, and elevation)
Hematocrit separates what? Hematocrits separates the plasma from the formed elements in blood?
What is the normal ranges for men and women of the formed elements in a hemotacrit? 40% + or - 5%
What is the ratio of hemoglobin in males? 16gm/dl
What is the ratio of hemoglobin in females? 12-13 gm/dl
1 gram of hemoglobin can carry how many ml of oxygen? 1.34ml
What is the O2 carrying capacity for males? 20 ml
What is the O2 carrying capacity for females? 19 ml
Q: ______________ a stimulus for red cell production? Erythropoietin
Erythrocyte count, Hematocrit, and Hemoglobin are usually higher or lower in men than in women? Higher
What vitamin enhances the absorption of iron? Vitamin C
What is the end product of RBC degradation? bilirubin
What is hematocrit? ratio of cells to fluid in the blood
What is the most abundant constituent of blood? H20
Which of the following is a major site of RBC production in an adult? Iliac Crest
Where is RBC production happening mid trimester gestation? 1. Liver 2. Spleen 3. Lymph Nodes
Where is RBC production during adulthood? 1. Vertebrae 2. Sternum 3. Ribs 4. Ilia
What is the largest fraction of the blood volume? plasma
What is the first site of production for red blood cells? yolk sac
The majority of iron found in the body is in what form? hemoglobin
What is the normal lifespan of a red blood cell? 4 months
As RBC's mature do they get bigger or smaller? Smaller - think as you get old and decrepit you get smaller
What is Myeloid? Blood producing tissue
Where are pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells found? Bone Marrow
What is a CFU? Colony forming unit
What promotes growth and reproduction of all stem cell types? Interleukin 3
What does pro or blast mean? Immature
Name the stages of RBC Genesis? 1. Proerythroblast 2. Basophil Erythroblast 3. Polychromatophil erythroblast 4. Orthochromatic Erythroblast 5. Reticulocyte 6. Erythrocyte
What is the most essential regulator of RBC's Tissue Oxygenation
Decreased tissue O2, increases or decreases RBC production? Increases
What is the primary site for Erythropoietin Kidneys
Erythropoietin responds to: 1. Hypoxia - decreased O2 in tissue 2. nonrenal sensors in the body 3. norepinephrine 4. epinephrine 5. prostaglandins
What % of erythropoetin is formed in the kidneys? % in liver? 90% in Kindney 10% in Liver
Folic acid and what vitamin are necessary for RBC maturation? Vitamin B12
What foods are rich in Vitamin B12? Animal products
How long is B12 stored in the liver 3-4 years
What foods are rich in folic acid? Green Vegetables, Fruits, and Liver
What are the 4 variations of hemoglobin? 1. Alpha Chain 2. Beta Chain 3. Gamma Chain 4. Delta Chain
Hemoglobin consists of 2 _______ chains and 2 _________ chains? 1. Alpha 2. Beta
1 Hemoglobin molecule = 4 heme subunits and 4 iron atoms which can carry 4 O2 molecules or 8 O2 atoms
How many grams of Iron is in the human body? 4-5 Grams
What % of Iron is in the form of hemoglobin? 65%
What is the approximate adult concentration of red blood cells per cubic millimeter? 5,000,000
In human development, where is the original site for red blood production? yolk sac
Q: ______________ areevidence of immature red blood cells? Retics
Which of the following percentages is a normal hematocrit for a male? 40%
What is the most common form of adult hemoglobin? hemoglobin A
The spleen, kuppfer cells, and bone marrow will will phagocytize hemoglobin, True or False? True
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