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Computer Term Ginger

A list of Computer terms created by a ginger

When you recieve information from the internet you doing what? Downloding
What is the act of posting an offencive message online called? Flamming
This only allowes certain people form the internet to access a website or its information. A firewall
What are websites that allow people to be a part of a virtuall community called? Social Networks
What are sites that have miollions of addreses for surfers to easily access the information they want called? Search Engines
What is a collection of web pages called? A Web site
What is a portable device that allows you to read digital books anywere called? E-readers
What is a device that allows you to serf the web; that has a touch screen called? A tablet
What is a mobile oppreating system; that was developed by google called? An android
What is a utility that allows you to remove a virous from your computer called? An antivirus
What is it when someone uses a commercial softwere without paying is called what? Pirating
What is the ability for a computer to act like a human being called? Artificial inteligence
What is used to make comfortable workspaces for emplies called? Ergonomics
What are the small little dots that make up your computer screen called? Pixles
What is the unit that computer data is commonly measured in called? Gigahertz
What is the smallest unit of computer data called? Bit
What is a unit of measurment that measured data called? Byte
What is the unit of computer measurment equal to 1,073,741,824 bytes called? A gigabyte
What is the unit of computer measurment equal to 1,048,576 bytes called? A megabyte
What is the unit of computer measurment equal to 1,099,511,627,776 bytes called? A terabyte
Created by: GingerLOL