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Tech Term Fun!

Lauren's Tech Term Study Stack For Computer Class!

What is the bar where you type the web address? Adress Bar
What is a person you create that represents an online user? Avatar
What is made to remeber information about you, and also saves to your web browser? Cookie
What is the act of posting or commenting something that might hurt other users? Flaming
What is the act of harassing, threatening, or humiliating through the internet? Cyberbullying
What allows certain websites to go through and out of your network? Firewall
What is an application that allows you to view animations, and much more? Adobe Flash
What are websites that are made specically for people to socialize, meet new people, and find others. Social Networks
What is a game that scammers use to learn about you, and your computer? Phishing
What is a place where you enter a question or phrase then connects you to numerous pages that fit the words in the phrase you entered? Search Engines
What is it called when you are able to see something without completely downloading the multimedia? Streaming
What is a social networking site that allows you post things by just answering a question? Twitter
What is the exact opposite of downloading? Uploading
What makes up the web? Web Pages
What is a website that allows others to edit, and add certain information to a specific topic, or just a topic in general? Wiki
What is a series of web pages? Web Site
What is the starting page, or website that you first see when entering your browser? Home Page
What is a portable device that allows you to read electronically? E-Reader
What is an E-Reader developed by amazon? Kindle
What is a portable computer that uses a touchscreen instead of a mouse? Tablet
What is a utility used to destroy and get rid of all the virus' on your computer? Antivirus
What is a command you click with your mouse that reloads the page you are on? Refresh
What is another word for 2 to the 4th power? Terabyte
What is a specific column on Exel? Cell
What is a unit of measure that is used to measure data? Byte
What is a single digit number, also called Binary Digit, and is the smallest unit of data? Bit
What is an illusion of reality created by a computer system? Virtual Reality
What is another word for 2 to the 20th power? Megabyte
What is another word for 2 to the 30th power? Gigabyte
What is the term that is equal to 1,000 mega-hertz? Gigahertz
What is a thing on the internet that shows, or tells you step by step how to do something? Tutotorial
What is a server that allows you to access files? File Server
What is "housed" in a hard drive? Hard Disk
What stands for Central Processing Unit? CPU
What is the little chip in the "heart" of your computer called? Processor
What is a hard ware device that routes data? Router
What refers to a software programs designed to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system? Malware
What is often used to create comfortable workstations for employees? Ergonomics
What is a wireless technology that allows communication between two compatable devices? Bluetooth
What is it called when you search something on a search engine? Query
What is a data structure that stores, and organizes information? Database
Whatis a feature of the Windows operating system that allows the user to modify system settings and controls? Control Panel
What are made up of rows and columns and cells? Spreadsheet
What is a mobile operating system developed by Google? Android
What is the most common type of computer port used in today's computers? USB
What stands for Read-Only Memory? ROM
What is the main circuit board of your computer and is also known as the mainboard or logic board? Motherboard
What is a device that outputs information from a computer? Output Device
What is multimedia technology that PLAYS FLASHES? Adobe Flashplayer
A computer developed by Apple? MacBook
Created by: lkubat