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Techy Terms


A server that provides access to files. file server
a portable hardware device used for electronic reading e-reader
A text field near the top of a web browser that displays the URL address bar
A character that represents a specific online user avatar
A mobile operating device produced by Google. Android
The type of utility used for scanning and removing viruses and scams. Antivirus
Harrassing or insulting someone online. Cyberbullying
When data is sent to your computer. downloading
The act of posting or sending offensive things online. Flaming
Any device that provides input to a device. Input device
The portable e-reader developed by Amazon. Kindle
The main circuitboard of the computer. Motherboard
Any external device that provides input and output from the computer. peripheral
Portable computer that uses a touchscreen. Tablet
An interactive software program made as a learning tool. tutorial
Wireless technology that enables communication. Bluetooth
The command that reloads the web page. Refresh
Unit of measurement used to measure data. Byte
Short for "Picture element" pixel
Everytime you use a search engine your perform what? search query
Specific location within a spreadsheet. Cell
An illusion of reality created by a computer system. virtual reality
Stands for "Univeral Serial Bus" USB
A small amount of data generated by a website. cookie
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