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Stack for Computer Class~

Address bar Field of text near the top of a broswer window that shows the URL of the page that the user is on
Avatar Character that represents an online user
Cookie Small amount of data generated by a site and saved by your web broswer
Cyberbullying Bullying via the Internet
Downloading The process in which data is sent to your computer
Firewall A network object that only allows authorized traffic to come into the network
Flaming Act of posting or sending offensive messages via the Internet
Flash Most likely referring to Adobe Flash, a multimedia technology that allows developers to incorparate animations and interactive content into their sites
Social Networks Websites that allow users to be part of a virtual community
Search Engines Such as Google, Yahoo, and AltaVista. These index millions of sites so that people can find sites with the information they seek
Streaming When a multimedia file can be played back without being downloaded first
Twitter Online service that allows you to share updates called 'tweets'
Uploading Sendinga file from your computer to another system
Web Pages Documents written and translated by your browser, and make up the WWW (World Wide Web)
Wiki Site that allows users to add/ update content on the site with their browser
Web Site Collection of Web Pages
CPU Central Processing Unit
E-reader Portable hardware that can be used to read publications such as magazines.
Hard Disk Reads/Writes data to a disk
Hardware Physical parts of a computer or other devices
Input device Any device that provides input to a computer
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