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Computer Terms1

A bunch of computer terms and definitions

Reads and writes data to a disk? hard disk
What are bunch of documents that make up the internet? web sites
Any type of device that puts input into a computer. input device
What is a device that provides input and output for a computer? peripheral
What allows users to manipulate controls? control panel
What is stealing a program without paying? pirating
Also known as AI Artificial Intelligence
What is an illusion created by a computer? virtual reality.
What gives a webpage the most current data? refresh
short for pixel element pixel
sending offensive messages on the internet flaming
online service that alllows you to share updtaes twitter
character that represents the online user avatar
when you recieve data from the internet into your computer downloading
websites that allow users to be social on a online community social networking
allows you to search the internet like google or AOL search engines
small amount of data cookie
allows users to add and update content wiki
e-reader developed by amazon kindle
server that provides access to files file server
Created by: JordanNEvball