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BusComm Final 9-18

BusComm Final 9-16

What is the common purpose of all business reports? To answer questions and solve problems
In which of the following situations is the direct pattern of organization used for a business report? When readers are familiar with the topic
An indirectly organized analytical report might follow which outline? Introduction/Problem, Facts/Findings, Discussion/Analysis, Conclusions/Recommendations
A directly organized informational report might follow which outline? Introduction/Background, Facts/Findings, Summary
Which of the following constructions uses the best writing style for a formal report? After checking several references, the company decided to hire the consulting firm of Anderson, Williams, and Pardee.
Informal reports are written in a style that uses contractions. first-person pronouns, such as I, we, and our. occasional humor and colorful speech.
Long formal reports are usually printed on plain paper in manuscript format.
Gretchen is writing a report about ways to recruit top business school graduates and is determining why the topic is worth investigating at this time. Gretchen is looking at the significance.
In planning his report, Wesley breaks the major investigative problem into subproblems. This process is sometimes called factoring the problem.
Anticipating the audience for a report helps the writer to determine how much background material to include. whether to include jargon. what method of organization to follow.
A good work plan for a business research project does not usually include a summary of the conclusions.
What type of data result from first-hand experience and observation? Primary data
Nina is conducting research on using blogs and wikis in the workplace. Her least valuable source of information for this topic will probably be books.
Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, About, and Ask are examples of search tools.
You should begin nearly every business report assignment by evaluating the available secondary data.
Sources of primary information include surveys and interviews.
Knowledgeable report writers use direct quotations to repeat identical phrasing of a source because of its precision and clarity. provide objective background data and establish the severity of a problem. duplicate the exact wording of a source before criticizing.
Kristin has a large amount of quantitative data made up of exact figures that she needs to present in a report. Kristin should present this data using a(n) table.
The best choice for showing changes in a company's yearly sales for the last five years is a(n) line chart.
When you incorporate a graphic in the body of your report, you should be sure to include a reference to the graphic in the text.
Numerical data from questionnaires or interviews are usually summarized using systematic columns and rows in a table.
To contrast responses of employees with children against responses of employees without children from a survey on attitudes toward on-site child care, use cross-tabulation.
A technique that is especially useful for analyzing raw verbal data is a grid.
You have just interviewed five candidates for a sales position, and you must recommend one candidate for hire. You want to summarize each candidate's key points, including experience, skills, education, and other employment-related information in a format grid.
The most widely read portions of a report are generally the sections devoted to conclusions and recommendations.
Conclusions will usually be more objective if consistent criteria are used in evaluating options.
Which of the following is an example of a recommendation? Institute a tuition reimbursement program that allows employees to take job-related classes.
The indirect pattern of organization is best for readers who must be persuaded.
Hans is writing a report to his supervisor about using wikis for team communication. His supervisor knows nothing about wikis. What organizational style should Hans use for his report? Indirect pattern
A report that compares the services offered by four public accounting firms should be organized by criteria.
Which of the following transitional expressions can be used to suggest cause and effect? Accordingly, as a result, consequently, therefore
Which of the following transitional expressions can be used to clarify points? For example, for instance, in other words
Anandi is preparing headings for a report she is writing. What is the best advice you can give her as she creates her headings? Create headings that are grammatically similar at a given level.
Periodic (activity) reports are written at regular intervals to keep management informed about company operations.
Which of the following is an analytical report? A report to determine whether a company should adopt a wellness program
Which of the following is an example of a feasibility report? A report to determine whether a company should provide a child-care facility for its employees
The conclusions of a report should analyze information logically and show how the data answer questions.
In a proposal the goals of a project are generally described in a section called Purpose.
Unsolicited proposals should convince the reader that a problem exists.
The actual proposal section of an informal proposal must disclose enough of your plan to secure the contract without giving away so much information that your services aren't needed.
The budget included in a proposal represents a contract.
Formal proposals differ from informal proposals in size and format.
A letter of transmittal submitted with a proposal should briefly present the major features and benefits of the proposal.
Which of the following is most likely to appear in the appendix section of a formal proposal? The résumés of principal investigators or testimonial letters
Nora wants to write a persuasive business plan. What government agency will give her the most useful advice for writing the plan? Small Business Administration
What is the purpose of a report cover? To give the report a professional, finished appearance
Which part of a formal report contains the report title, and name of the person receiving the report, the author's name, and the date of submission? The title page
The section in a formal report that sets the scene and announces the report subject is the introduction.
In an introduction to a formal report, the section that tells why the topic is important is the significance.
In an introduction to a formal report, what section clarifies the boundaries of the report, defining what will be included and excluded? Scope
Writers often include additional information in the introduction to a formal report. Which of the following would not be appropriate to include in the introduction? Providing a detailed analysis of the problem
The section of a formal report that tells what the findings mean is the conclusion.
Which of the following is a useful guideline for writing a formal report? Prepare a complete, well-organized outline before writing the report.
What is the most important part of preparing for a presentation? Deciding what you want to accomplish
You will be presenting information about a major change in benefits to your staff, and you expect them to be hostile to the changes in the package. What is the best advice for delivering your presentation? Avoid using anecdotes and humor in your presentation.
What question(s) should you ask about your audience to determine your pattern, delivery style, and supporting material? What is the age, gender, education, and experience of my audience? How can I earn my audience's respect? How will this topic appeal to this audience?
The opening of an oral presentation should preview the main points of the presentation.
The introduction to an oral presentation should accomplish three goals: capture your listeners' attention, preview your main points, and identify yourself and establish your credibility.
Annette's presentation will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of selling her company's product exclusively online. The most effective organizational strategy for Annette's presentation would be by comparison/contrast.
Because it is the most remembered part of a speech, spend sufficient time making the ____ as effective as possible. conclusion
Helpful previews, summaries, and transitions in an oral presentation are examples of verbal signposts.
In his presentation Hassan says Let me review the three steps in filing a health benefits claim. What verbal signpost is he using? Summary
An oral presentation that incorporates ____ is far more likely to be understood and retained than others. visual aids
Programs such as PowerPoint allow presenters to design ____, which can include sound, videos, and hyperlinks. multimedia slides
A good rule for preparing effective computer presentations is include no more than six bullets per screen and six words per bullet.
Sean wants to make sure that he keeps his audience engaged while delivering his PowerPoint presentation. What should he do? Use a radio remote control so that he can move freely.
Reading an oral presentation causes the audience to lose confidence in the speaker's expertise.
One of the most effective strategies for reducing stage fright is to know the subject thoroughly.
Well-informed job candidates know that the first step in the employment process is assessing their interests and qualifications.
Job seekers should ask themselves questions such as Do I want to work for someone else or be my own boss? and Would I rather work for a large or small company? to identify their interests.
Job seekers should ask themselves questions such as What technology skills can I offer? and Do I speak, write, or understand another language? to evaluate their qualifications.
Which of the following is an example of a niche employment Web site? HealthCareerWeb.com
Because it quickly reveals a candidate's education and experience record, most recruiters favor a(n) chronological résumé.
The goal of a résumé is winning an interview.
William, after many years working as an office manager, wants to change his career to computer sales. Because he does have some significant sales experience from many years ago, he should prepare a functional style résumé.
Select the statement that best describes the career objective portion of a résumé. A career objective can disqualify a candidate if the stated objective doesn't match a company's job description.
Which of the following is the best career objective for a résumé? A human resources position assisting your company with employee recruitment, selection, background checks, and in-house training
Select the statement that best describes the summary of qualifications portion of a résumé. A summary of qualifications makes your résumé easier to read.
Which of the following statements is most effective for a résumé? Reconciled general ledger accounts daily with 100 percent accuracy.
Dale wants to ensure that his job duties are easy to read. What should he do? Place them in a bulleted list.
Because of today's technologies, you may need three versions of your résumé. Which of the following is not one of these versions? A résumé that's been professionally typeset by a specialist
Engleberto knows that his résumé will be scanned. What should he do to maximize "hits" as his résumé is scanned? Include easily recognized abbreviations, especially those within his field. Incorporate words from the advertisement or job description. Include specific keywords that describe skills, traits, tasks, and job titles.
An e-portfolio is a collection of digitized materials that give a snapshot of the candidate's performance, talents, and accomplishments.
Which of the following is a purpose of a customized cover letter? To gain an interview.
What is the biggest mistake job seekers make when writing cover letters? Making them sound too generic
A cover letter is most appealing if it begins by addressing the reader by name.
The best opening for a solicited cover letter is John Grant of your legal department suggested that I apply for the finance manager position that is currently vacant.
Which of the following statements is inaccurate regarding the opening in a cover letter for an unsolicited job? Be vague about the type of position you're seeking so that you might be considered for a variety of jobs.
For a job candidate, the job interview is an opportunity to convince the employer of your potential and expand on information in your résumé. find out more about the job and whether it suits your career goals. learn more about the company to decide whether you would fit into the company culture.
Which of the following does an employer try to do during the job interview? See what drives and motivates the job candidate
Which of the following statements about screening interviews is most accurate? Employers use screening interviews to eliminating job candidates who fail to meet minimum requirements.
Which of the following will most likely create a negative impression on the interviewer? Leaving your cell phone on
What is the best advice for answering interview questions? Clarify vague questions when necessary.
If an interviewer says Tell me about yourself, what is the best way to respond? Briefly discuss educational, professional, or business-related strengths.
What is the best answer to the interview question Why do you want to work for us? Your high-quality products and your commitment to our community are impressive, and I would like to be a part of helping you meet your goals.
Which of these responses is the best answer to the question, Where do you see yourself in your career five years from now? As a member of your team, I will have grown and learned enough to advance to a position in management is the best because this response shows that you want to grow with the organization.
Which of the following is an example of a situational interview question? If you were aware that a coworker was submitting false data, what would you do?
If the interviewer begins a question with Tell me about a time when you . . . , you should describe a situation or task, tell what action you took, and emphasize a positive result.
What is the most effective way to handle an illegal or inappropriate question during an interview? If you find the question harmless and you want the job, go ahead and answer it.
If an interviewer asks if you have any questions at the end of an interview, which of the following would not be an appropriate response? No, I have no questions at this time.
How should you close an interview? Briefly review your strengths, thank the interview, and ask what the next step will be.
What should you do after the interview? Write a thank-you letter immediately.
After writing a follow-up letter to thank your interviewer, your next step should be alerting your references that they may be contacted.
When filling out a job application, do all but which of the following? Leave any unrelated questions blank.
If you didn't get a position that you really wanted, what should you do? Send a rejection follow-up letter that says you're disappointed but still interested.
Joanna has just been offered and accepted a full-time position over the phone. What is the best thing for her to do now? Write a job acceptance letter to confirm the details and formalize the acceptance.
When writing a resignation letter to notify your employer of your intentions, you should allow more than the standard two-week notice if you have a high or responsible position within the company. offer thanks and end with a forward-looking statement. remind the employer of your contributions.
Wi Fi Internet Connections, Inc., is interviewing several candidates for a leadership position that requires strong communication skills. What form of interview will they most likely use to interview for this position? A group interview in which the company interviews several candidates at the same time
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