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ITC - Chp - 5 - 6

ITC Chapters 5 and 6

System software The operating system and utility programs that control a computer system and allow you to use your computer
Application software Programs that allow a user to perform specific tasks on a computer
Operating system A collection of programs that manage and coordinate the activities taking place within a computer system Acts as an intermediary S&C
Sim-Mul-Par Simut - At same time Multi - Each different job - Personal Pc Par - Each on one - Severs
Spooling placing items in a buffer so they can be retrieved by the appropriate device when needed
Windows Vista Features the Aero visual interface Transparency and animations Live Thumbnails
Mac OS Based on the UNIX operating system; originally set the standard for graphical user interfaces
UNIX Operating system developed in the late 1960s for midrange servers
Linux Version (flavor) of UNIX available without charge over the Internet
Windows Embedded Windows Embedded: Designed for consumer and industrial devices that are not personal computers Cash register, GPS devices, ATMs,
Systems Larger computers sometimes use operating systems designed solely for that type of system - IBM’s z/OS and i/5OS operating systems are designed for their servers and mainframes
Utility program oftware that performs a specific task, usually related to managing or maintaining the computer system
Software suite Collection of software programs bundled together and sold as a single software package
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