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CAL/CBT - Education

Check you understanding of CAL/CBT

List 6 ways in which ICT can be used in Education and Learning. CAL – Computer Assisted Learning<br> • CBT – Computer Based Training<br> • Distance Learning<br> • Video-conferencing<br> • Online learning/e-learning<br> • Chat rooms for discussion with tutors/experts<br>
What does CAL stand for? Computer-assisted Learning
Describe CAL can be used? Using a computer interactively for the learning processes<br> There are a whole range of packages which aim to provide interactive instruction<br> There are a variety of ways CAL can be run on a computer<br>
What does CBT stand for? Computer Based Training<br>
Describe CBT? Using a computer interactively for training<br> Usually used for training in the workplace by making use of PC’s or portable devices<br> Using computers to train people to carry out different tasks, i.e. flight simulation<br>
What are the Features of CAL/CBT? Highly interactive<br> Make use of multimedia features<br> Used for tutorials<br> Uses models/simulations<br> Used for revision<br> Encouragement<br> Games<br> Testing and assessment<br> Can be used for learning at a distance <br>
What are the advantages of CAL/CBT? Flexible<br> Variety of materials<br> Materials can be accessed using different hardware<br> Learning can take place in different environments<br> Keep people interested and motivated using variety of activities <br>
What are the disadvantages of CAL/CBT? Software is often complex and can be expensive<br> Students often need interaction of classmates to learn<br> Difficult for teachers to guage progress<br>