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Reports of officers and committees which are for information only and do not require action by the convention: may be printed and distributed in advance and it may not be necessary to read the report.
A convention program should include: the location of the meeting rooms and the registration desk.
An order of the day can be taken up before the time for which it is set: by reconsidering the vote that established the order.
Aspecial order for a particular hour cannot be considered before that hour except by: a two-thirds vote.
From the examples below, select the one which would adopt a motion requiring a two-thirds vote with the minimum number in favor 50 in favor, 25 opposed.
The unqualified term "majority vote" means: more than half of the votes cast, excluding blanks and abstentions.
When the chair announces that a two thirds vote has been abtained and refuses to count the vote, how may the losing side verify the count? Move to have the vote counted, which requires a majority vote
Which of the following adopts a main motion when the voting requirement of a majority is based on the number of members present, a quorum is 20 and 25 are present? 13 voting in favor, 12 opposed.
Voting requirements based on the number of members present: deny members the right to maitaim a neutral position by abstaining.
All vacancies in a 12-members board are to be filled by a two-thirds vote of the legally fixed membership. There are two vacancies. What is the minimum vote needed to elect? Eight.
Election by plurality vote requires that the minimum number of candidates or positions be at least: three.
A tie vote: permits the chair to break the tie.
In the absence of a rule establishing the method of method of voting: the custom that the organization has used in the past would be followed.
On a question of direct personal interest, a member: should abstain from voting on the motion.
Before a motion has been stated by the chair: if the motion is modified, the seconder can withdraw his second.
A motion to make unanimous a ballot vote is out of order, unless: voted on by ballot.
If the bylaws require the election to be by ballot: no vote is in order that would force disclosure of a member's vote.
If during a ballot vote, a member votes for too many candidates for a given office: the section of the ballot for that office is illegal.
In recording ballots cast: if a member leaves one or more of the choices blank on a ballot, the choices filled should be credited with one legal vote.
Th tellers' report begins with the number of votes cast.
When is a ballot signed? When a motion is adopted "that a signed ballot be taken by tellers."
Which of the following is true regarding preferential voting? When voting on a single ballot of more than two choices, less preferred choices of the voters can be taken into account is no candidate recieves a majority vote.
A nomination committee, when selection nominees for cadidacy: may nominate more than one candidate for an office for an office unless the bylaws prohibit it.
If a portion of the membership of the board changes periodically: it becomes a new board each time a new group assumes board membership.
A special committee is discharged or ceases to exist when: its final report is submitted to the assembly.
If the assembly instructs the chair to appoint a committee, how is the committee chairman selected? The first person appointed is the chairman.
When the bylaws provide that the president is exofficio a member of all committees except the nominating committee, it means that: the president is not obligated to attend meetings nor is he counted in the quorum.
A vacancy in a committee is filled by: the appointing power.
To adopt the entire report of a board or committee, as opposed to just the recommendations contained at the end of the report, requires a: majority vote.
The vote of a majority of the entire membership: is required to rescind and expunge from the minutes.
A partical report of a committee: is handled in the same way as the final report.
The presentation of a minority report in an assembly: is a privilege that may be granted by the assembly.
The formal presentation of a dissenting opinion of committee members not concurring with the committee report is a: minority report.
A committee of the whole in its deliberations can: adopt an amendment to its recommendations.
In a committee of the whole, appeals from the decision of the chair: are debatable under the same rules as in the assembly.
If the committee of the whole originates a resolution, it concludes by voting to: report the resolution as perfected.
Motions that are in order in quasi committee of the whole are: the same as in the assembly.
During informal consideration: limitations on the number of times a member can speak are removed.
The motion to consider a question informally is: debatable only as to the desirability of considering the question informally.
When a motion is being considered informally: the proceedings are placed in the minutes of the formal meeting.
A member who has exhausted the number of speeches permitted him on a pending main motion: may still seek recognition to move its referal or amendment.
When a mail vote authorized in the bylaws is to be secret: an inner return envelope--with a space for th voter's signature placed on its face instead of on the ballot--should be sent to the voter along with the ballot, and the ballot should be returned sealed in the inner envelope.
In an assembly that has no special rule permitting a small fraction of the voters to require a two-thirds vote to be counted, the chair, in judging whether to obtain a count of the vote at his own instance: must be careflu to leave no room for anyone to doubt the result is he finds there are two-thirds on the side that prevails.
Nomination and election of officers at a convention: should take place early in the convention.
In a society where members are permitted to serve in only one office at a time, if a member is present and elected to more than one office: he can choose which of the offices he will accept.
In an election of members of a boardor committee, if less than the prescribed number recieve a majority, the places are filled by: those with a majority, with repeated balloting for the remaining candidates.
If the bylaws allow cumulative voting or a member to transfer votes, and three directors are to be elected, each member: may cast all three votes for one, two, or three candidates.
If a member is absent when elected and has not consented to his candidacy, the election becomes final: when he is notified of his election and does not immediately decline.
The officers who must be present for the conduct of business in any deliberative assembly are: a presiding officer and a secretary or clerk.
The chair should not hesitate to put the question on a motion: to elect officers or appoint delegates or a committee even if he is included.
If the assembly wishes to discuss and take a vote on a matter without the vote constituting the final action, the assembly may: Fo into the committee of the whole.
In elections by ballot "for" or "against" spaces should not be used.
Unless the bylaws provide otherwise, a standing committee of the society reports to: the assembly.
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