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ir verb for jz

ir verbs

abolir to abolish
accomplir to accomplish
agir to act
applaudir to applaud
atterrir to land
bâtir to build
bénir to bless
blanchir to turn white
bleuir to turn blue
blondir to turn blond/lighten
bondir to leap
chérir to cherish
choisir to choose
démolir to demolish
établir to establish
finir to finish
fleurir to flower/blossom
fournir to supply/furnish
frémir to shudder
grandir to grow taller
grossir to gain weight
guérir to cure
jaunir to turn yellow
maigrir to lose weight
nourrir to feed/nourish
obéir to obey
périr to perish
punir to punish
réfléchir to reflect
remplir to fill
réussir to succeed
rougir to turn red/blusj
saisir to seize/grab
salir to soil/make dirty
trahir to betray
unir to unite
verdir to turn green
vieillir to grow old
Created by: mommasp