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Stack Ch13-2

Stack Ch13-2 Limited Users - Wildcard

What are Limited Users? Windows XP user accounts known as Users in Windows 2000, which have read-write access only on their own folders, read-only access to most system folders, and no access to other users’ data. In Windows Vista, a standard account is a limited account.
What kind of command is Loadstate? A command used by the User State Migration Tool (USMT) to copy user settings and data temporarily stored on a server or removable media to a new computer.
Whats a local user account? A user account that applies only to the local computer and cannot be used to access resources from other computers on the network. Compare to global account.
Whats another term for a lost allocation units? Cluster is another term for.....?
What are Lost clusters? File fragments that, according to the file allocation table, contain data that does not belong to any file.
What are mandatory user profiles used for? A Roaming user profile that applies to all users in a user group, and individual users cannot change that profile.
Whats a power user account have to do with apps? A Windows XP account type that can read from and write to parts of the system other than the user’s own folders, install applications, and perform limited administrative tasks.
What does a support technician have to do with Remote Assistance? A Windows XP/Vista feature that allows a support technician at a remote location to have full access to the Windows desktop.
How does the internet cope with a Remote Desktop? A Windows tool that gives a user access to his or her Windows desktop from anywhere on the Internet.
What do roaming user profiles have to do with the internet? A user profile for a roaming user. Roaming user profiles are stored on the server so they have access from anywhere on the internet.
What does user state have to do with a scanstate? A command used by the User State Migration Tool (USMT) to copy user settings and data from an old computer to a server or removable media.
What is a user account? The information, stored in the SAM database, that defines a Windows NT/2000/XP user, including username, password, memberships, and rights.
How does a User State Migration Tool (USMT) help move accounts? A Windows XP/Vista utility that helps you migrate user files and preferences from one computer to another in order to help a user make a smooth transition from one computer to another.
What kind of command line is a wildcard? A*or ? character used in a command line that represents a character or group of characters in a filename or extension.
Created by: shadowbob95