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Nos 2

network operating systems Mid term 2

How do you make the security tab in ADUC visible when you view the properties of an OU? Advanced features on
What does OU Stand for? An Organizational Unit
What does ADUC stand for? Active Directory Users and computers
Why do you normally not use the Users folder to create new users in ADUC? Cannot Organize underneath with OU's
What does DFS stand for? Distributed file system
What is the first item you have to create in DFS? ROOT
7) Using the following diagram, assume a group policy is created and linked to the 114 container. What containers would the group policy affect? Choose all that apply. 114
Using the following diagram, assume a group policy is created and linked to the Wood container. Block Policy Inheritance is selected on the 114 container. No override is selected on the group policy. What containers would the group policy affect? 114
10) Using the following diagram, assume a group policy is created and linked to the Wood container. The user Admin is located in the Wood container. How would you prevent the policy from affecting the Admin, yet run for all other users in the container? ALL
Where is the “Logon Script” located under, in the Group Policy Object Editor? Window Settings
Where is “Remove Change Password” located under , in the Group Policy Editor? ctrl-alt-del options
When a certain tool is installed, group policy tab disappears from ADUC. What tool causes this? Group Policy Management Console
What port does Remote Desktop use? 3389
15) What is the name for the following syntax? \\ServerName\ShareName Universal Naming Convention
You have a share on a folder. Your share permissions are Full Control, and your Directory Permissions are “Read & Execute”, “List Folder Contents”, and “Read”. Can you create a file in the directory when accessing it locally? Yes
What does NAT stand for? Network Address Translation
What would be the netbios name for the following domain? west.ibm.com west
What file can you use for static DNS entries? This file is accessed before contacting the DNS servers. hosts
What directory is the file referred to in the previous question, located in? c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
What is the difference between Recursive and Iterative when referring to DNS? Iterative Can Refer
Using ipconfig, how do you clear the computers resolver cache? /flushdns
What does the file cache.dns contain? root name servers
What is contained in the SOA record? TTL
What does L‐S‐D‐OU stand for? Local-site-Organizatinal-unit
In Group Policy Object Editor, the policy is broken into two sections, Computer Configuration and User Configuration. Which is not one of the three sub sections? Folder Redirection
What does DACL stand for? Discretionary access control list
What is the NAT default gateway set to in VMware if your network is
What is the difference between User Mode and Kernel mode? Kernel Mode has Direct Access to Hardware
What defines a Site in Active Directory? Speed of the link
What is the difference between a Tree and a Forest in Active Directory? Tree ‐ Domains share a Contiguous Name Space, Forest – Domains share a Disjointed Name Space made from trees
When configuring DHCP options in the DHCP configuration utility, default gateway does not show up. What do you select to configure the default gateway? Router
What local security policy option do you need to login in at the 2003 Server keyboard? Allow Log On Locally
Which is not a standard NTFS permission for a directory? A) List Folder Contents B) Change C) Modify D) Read & Execute
What is an MX record used for? Mail
What is a PTR record? Associates an IP with its host name.
What does ADIZ stand for? Active Directory Integrated Zones
39) What does it mean to delegate a DNS zone? Give control
40) If your operating system is installed on C:\WINDOWS, what would be the path to the DNS configuration files? C:\windows\system32\dns
What does IETF stand for? Internet Engineering Task Force
What is the difference between Security Groups and Distribution Groups? Which is correct? Security Groups can be used for Security and Dist
Why should you limit the use of Universal Groups? Performance
Microsoft’s A‐G‐DL‐P strategy stands for what? Account, Global, Domain Local, Permission
Where is DNS zone file information stored once ADIZ is installed B) In Active Directory
When is a zone transfer initiated? Master notifies Secondary
What does PXE stand for? Preboot Execution Environment
DNS Client (resolver) can make what three types of queries (name resolution requests). Which is not one of them? Direct
Where are the serial numbers stored when dealing with zone transfers? SOA
What utility do you open to create a group policy for a site? Active Directory Sites and Services
What is a cname record used for Alias
What does a SRV record stand for? Service locator Record
121. What type of DNS request in the fallowing? The name of the server must return its best answer to the client which could be the requested information, an error message or a referral to an other name sever. Iterative
What wizard do you run to give authority to a sub domain? Active directory Dns Wizard
Guid Global unique Identifier
What does GPT stand for? GUID partition table
What does GPMC stand for? Group policy Management COntainer
What does DHCP stand for? Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
What does a SRV record do? Specifies information on available services
31. Using the letters D-Domain, S-site, OU-organizational Unit, L-local Machine. Arrange the letters in order of them being applied. L-S-D-OU
23. The set of rules Active Directory uses to define the different object types it contains is called? Schema
Group policies are refreshed every 60 minutes give or take 30 minutes? no it’s 90 minutes with a randomized offset of plus or minus 30 minutes
L-S-D-OU local machine, users site, Domain organizational units
13. GP settings for computers and users are subdivided into three sub-categories. What are the sub-categories? 1. Software Settings 2. Windows settings 3. Administrative Templates
15. GPO’s may be applied to? L-S-D-OU
26. In Windows Server 2003 forest, _________________Trusts automatically exist between all Domains in the forest. implicit, transitive
49. What directory is the Active Directory database file stored %SystemRoot%\ntds\NTDS.DIT
96. What is Microsoft's A-G-DL-P strategy? ? Assign user ACCOUNTS to GLOBAL groups which are placed into DOMAIN LOCAL groups which are granted PERMISSIONS to network resources
147. When you have more than one GP assigned to an object, the GP at the top of the list is executed first. The GPO processed last always wins
148. When you install ADIZ what happens to the contents of the DNS folder? All DNS information will be transferred to Active Directory.
160. Which of the following is not one of the three forest functional levels that are supported on Windows server 2003? Universal, Global and Domain
161. Which one of the following is not one of the four domain functional levels? Windows 2000 mixed (the default in Windows Server 2003) Windows 2000 native Windows Server 2003 interim Windows Server 2003
167. WINDOWs NT networks use a ___________________ trust relationship to link domains. is one-way and nontransitive
168. You can individually disable Computer Configuration settings or User configuration Settings in a GP. yes
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