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Herbal Comp Asst Qs

Herbal Comp asst Qs

What 2 herbs tx seafood poisoning? Zi Su Ye + Sheng Ma
What are 5 herbs that raise Sp Yang? Ge Gen, Chai Hu, Sheng Ma, Huang Qi, He Ye
what are the 4 bigs? BIG sweat, thirst, fever, pulse; qi level, yangming heat
Which 2 herbs tx the 4 bigs? Shi Gao + Zhi Mu
What are 3 herbs that tx jaundice? Zhi Zi, Da Huang, Yin Chen Hao
What are the signs of blood level heat? scarlet tongue, scarlet prickles, purpura
What do bitter, cold herbs do? drain heat & dampness
What are 2 herbs with antimicrobial properties? Da Qing Ye & Ban Lan Gen
Which herb is treats intestinal abscess? Bai Jiang Cao
Which herb treats breast & intestinal abscess? Pu Gong Ying
Name 3 herbs that tx Lung abscess. Yu Xing Cao, Jie Geng, Gua Luo Ren
Which herb tx warts? Ya Dan Zi
In what formula is xi gua found? Bai Hu Tang / Natural White Tiger Decoction
Moist laxatives are what type of herbs? nuts & seeds
Caution for herbs that drain dampness Yin deficiency or depleted fluids
What are the 3 draining herbs in Liu Wei Di Huang Wan? Ze Xie, Mu Dan Pi, Fu Ling
What are the 3 tonifying herbs in Liu Wei Di Huang Wan? Shan Zhu Yu (stabilizes & binds, tonifies Kd/Lv), Shu Di Huang (tonifies Blood), Shan Yao (tonifies Qi)
What areas of the body to Dispel Wind Dampness herbs treat? muscles, sinews, joints, bones
What are the actions of Dispel Wind Damp herbs? alleviate painful obstruction, invigorate the connecting channels; expel wind-damp-cold, tx pain & numbness in joints & muscles
What are the types of Bi? Wind Bi (migratory bi), Cold Bi (painful bi), Damp BI (fixed bi) Hot Bi
What are the properties & channels enteres of Wind-Dampness dispelling herbs? aromatic, warm, drying/ Kd & Lv
Cautions for Wind Dampness herbs yin & blood deficiency
Which herbs guide to the upper and lower GV? Qiang Huo -- upper; Du Huo -- lower
Which herb guides to the upper extremities? Sang Zhi
What does Wei Ling Xian treat? fish bone lodged in throat
What are some examples/forms of phlegm? sputum, epilepsy, convulsions, scofula, goiter,
Which organs generate & store phlegm? Sp generates, Lu stores
Compare Chuan Bei Mu & Zhe Bei Mu. Both clear heat & transform phlegm, dissipate nodules. Chuan Bei Mu moistens & tx def heat. Zhe Bai Mu treats exterior/excess conditions.
Compare the properties & channels entered of Kun Bu & Hai Zao? Kun Bu -- salty, cold; Kd, Lu, St; Hai Zao -- bitter, cold, salty; Kd, Lu, St. LU
What do Kun Bu & Hai Zao treat? tx phlegm in the upper body; clear heat, reduce phlegm nodules, promote urination
What are the properties of Aromatic Transform Dampness herbs? acrid, warm, aromatic; revive Sp
Name 3 aromatic herbs that prevent cloying. Sha Ren (digestion), Chen Pi (Lu), Mu Xiang (qi)
List 3 herbs that tx food stagnation. Sha Zha (meat, greasy), Mai Ya (starchy), Lai Fu Zi (accumulations, counters ginseng overdose)
Compare Chuan Niu Xi & Huai Niu Xi. Chuan Niu Xi invig blood & dispels blood stasis. Haui Niu Xi is more tonifying to Lv/Kd. Both guide to lower body.
Which invigorate blood herb also moves stagnation at the Qi level? E Zhu
Which invigorate blood herb is similar to E Zhu, but more effective at breaking up stasis at the blood level? San Leng
E Zhu + San Leng are often use together to treat what? traumatic injury
What is the #1 herb for tx MW qi defiiciency? Dan Shen
What are the tops 3 herbs for supporting the immune system? Huang Qi, Huang Jing, Yin Yang Huo
Compare the properties & channels of Gui Ban & Bie Jia. Gui Ban: salty, sweet, cold; Ht, Kd, Lv; Bie Jia: salty, sl cold; Lv, Sp
Compare the actions of Gui Ban & Bie Jia. Both nourish Yin & anchor Yang. Gui Ban benefits Kd/strengthens bones, prevents excess menstruation, tx non-healing sores/ulcers. Bie Jia Invigorates blood, promotes menstruation, disspiates nodules.
What are the additional actions for the following calm the spirit herbs? Suan Zao Ren, Bai Zi Ren, Yuan Zhi Suan Zao Ren - tx abnormal sweating; Bai Zi Ren - moistens intestines, Yuan Zhi - expels phlegm
What are the additional actions for the following calm the spirit herbs? He Huan Pi, Ye Jiao Teng He Huan Pi - tx depression, Lv stag, invig blood, alleviates pain; Ye Jiao Teng unblocks channels in the extremities
which calm the spirit herb is called "Chinese prozac"? He Huan Pi
What does Xiao Qing Long Tang treat? cold-type asthma -- wid-cold with congested fluids
What are Xiao Qing Long Tang's ingredients & their actions? Xi Xin: stops cough, facilitates flow; Gan Jiang & Ban Xia: harmonize, transform congested fluids
What are Da Qing Long Tang's actions? releases wind cold & clears interior heat
What does Ding Chuan Tang treat?q hot type asthma
Which herbs treat temporal HA? Chuan Xiong, Shao Yao
Which herbs treat frontal HA? Bai Zhi
Which herbs treat orbital/ Jueyin HA? Xi Xin
Which herbs treat occipital/Taiyang HA? Qiang Huo
Which herbs treat vertex HA? Gao Ben & Wu Zhu Yu
1 qian = ___ g 3g
1 lian = ___g 30g
Which release exterior/internal deficiency formula addresses Qi deficiency? Ren Shen Bai Du San
Which release exterior/internal deficiency formula addresses Yang deficiency? Ma Huang Xi Xin Fu Zi Tang
Which release exterior/internal deficiency formula addresses Yin deficiency? Jia Jian Wei Rui Tang
Which formula Clears Heat at the Qi level? Bai Hu Tang (tx 4 bigs)
Which formula Clears Heat at the Ying level? Qin Ying Tang
Which formula Clears Heat at the Blood level?: Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang
What are some herbs that clear heat at the Qi level? Lian Qiao, Jin Yin Hua, Huang Lian, Dan Zhu Ye
Compare Clear St Powder (Qing Wei San) with Jade Woman Decoction (Yu Nu Jian) Qing Wei San: drains St FIRE, cools blood, nourishes yin, toothache; Yu Nu Jian: drains def. heat from St, nourishes yin, toothache w/ Kd def signs
In the formula Long Dan Xie Gan Tang, which ingredients drain fire excess from Lv/GB? Long Dan Cao, Huang Qin, Zhi Zi
What are the 3 criteria for dx heat in Lv channel? wiry, rapid pulse; red tingue or red dots along sides; dark urine or difficulty
Compare Major (Da Cheng Qi Tang) & Minor(Xiao Cheng Qi Tang) Order Qi Decoctions. Da Cheng Qi Tang: VIGOROUSLY purges heat accumulation; ingred: da huang, MANG XIAO, zhi shi, hou po; Xiao Cheng Qi Tang: MILDLY purges; ingred. mang xiao is missing
What are the Shaoyang sx treated by Xiao Chai Hu Tang? alt fever & chills, dry throat, bitter or sour taste, dizziness, irritability, fullness in chest/hypochondria, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, thin white TC, wiry pulse
Compare Minor & Major Bupleurum decoctions. Minor: harmonizes & releases shaoyang disorder; Major: harmonizes & releases Shaoyang & Yangming, internal clumping of heat
Herbs that tx Dryness have what actions? gently disperse, enrich yin, moisten dryness
What causes internal dryness? improper sweating or purging, serious illness, severe vomiting, excess urination, overindulgence in sex, spicy foods
Which channels & burners does dryness affect? Lu, Sp, Kd, LI; UW-- hacking cough; MW-- vomiting, belching, inability to keep food down; LW-- dry stool, wasting & thirsting
Caution when tx dryness Cloying substances can obstruct Qi, encourage dampness
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