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A Tale of Two Cities Books I and 2

requisition need
capitulated gave in’ yielded
cessation stopping
expeditiously quickly
gradations steps, degrees
triumvirate group of three
doleful melancholy
provender provisions; food
sagacity wisdom
incommodious cramped
counterpane bedspread
deprecated disapproved of
laudanum a drug containing opium
cogitated thought deeply
proviso hypothesis; conditional stipulation
circuitously in a roundabout way
immolate sacrifice
repast meal
gainsay deny
emulative admiring, imitating
valet vassal, servant
cowed fearful
propitiate beg for favor
obsequiousness servility
imperturbable unflappable
homage respect, obedience
diabolic devilish, evil
portend signify for the future
incorrigible incapable of reform
magnanimous – generous
transitory existing for only a short time
profligates recklessly dissolute people
interment burial
ruminated thought deeply
vinous pertaining to wine
league measure of distance about 3 miles
olfactory pertaining to smell
coquetry pretended affection
interpose come between
diffidence lack of confidence
nice subtle
turbid rough, stormy
modicum small amount
attenuated weakened, grown thin
tocsin alarm bell
conflagration large fire
munificent extremely generous
remonstrance strong objection
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