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Mexico Sec 1

5th grade SS Mexico Sec 1

There are several _______ regions in Mexico. landform
Mexico’s climate varies from arid to semiarid in most areas, which limits _______ agriculture
________, _______ ______ and __________are important parts of the Mexican economy. petroleum, hydroelectric power, and mining
Depression on the surface of the land caused by the collapse of a cave roof sinkhole
Height above sea level altitude
The power produced by water-driven turbines hydroelectric power
To supply water to irrigate
Mexico is geographically located in the ______and ________hemispheres on the continent of North America. northern, western
Mexico lies ______ of the United States. south
Mexico is about ____ times larger than Texas. 3
The Gulf of California splits Mexico into _____ sections: the main, larger section to the east, and Baja California. 2
Name four landform regions in Mexico Mexican Plateau, Sierra Madres, Lowlands and Peninsulas
Main region; largest physical feature; central part of the nation; has several cities including the capital, Mexico City; soil is soft and settles in places Mexican Plateau
Mountain range west of the Mexican Plateau Sierra Madre Occidental
Mountain range east of the Mexican Plateau Sierra Madre Oriental
Mountain range south of the Mexican Plateau Sierra Madre del Sur
West of the Sierra Madre Occidental Pacific Coastal Lowlands
East of the Sierra Madre Oriental to the Yucatán Peninsula Gulf Coastal Plain
Lies east and juts north into the Gulf of Mexico Yucatán Peninsula
Lies west of the Gulf of California Baja California
Mexico has several _______ _____ due to the country’s large size, different elevations, and its geographic location. climate areas
Baja California and the northern parts of the country are very ____and _______ populated. dry, sparsely
The _______ part of Mexico receives more rain than the north (tropical wet, tropical wet and dry, humid subtropical). southern
Mexico experiences natural disasters: _____________ year round, particularly in the Mexican Plateau earthquakes
Mexico experiences natural disasters: __________ in the late summer and early fall, particularly in the Pacific and Gulf lowlands hurricanes
Mexico’s most important natural resource ____________ is drilled from wells under the Gulf of Mexico, along the Gulf coast, and in high elevations in the south. petroleum
Minerals such as silver, copper, iron, gold, zinc, and lead are found in the ________ and __________. mountains, plateaus
Hydroelectric power supplies about one sixth of the nation’s ___________ from fast-running rivers on the edges of the central plateau and in high southern elevations. electricity
Crops such as corn, wheat, beans, sugar cane, many fruits and vegetables, and coffee are grown and exported; however because of mountains, poor soil, and dry climates only one fifth of Mexico’s land can be used for _________ farming
________ are found in the waters off Baja California fish
_________ ranches are located in Northern Mexico cattle
_____________ from the spread of industry and the growth of cities is a major problem in northern Mexico, especially in Mexico City because it is located in a valley making it difficult for polluted air to escape. pollution
Farmers need to _________ in drier areas which causes salt build up and ruins the fertility of the soil. irrigate
Overgrazing by ________ is causing the land to become desert. cattle
___________ in the south is opening new land for farming. However, heavy rains wash away the nutrients in the soil, and the land can only produce crops for a few years. deforestation
______________ of trees is contributing to the rapid destruction of forests. harvesting
Created by: mtmscomplab
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