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romans vocab

Repubic a slate in which supreme power by the people
patrican a person of noble or high rank
plebeians belonging to the people
senate a council of citizens having the highest
consul a official appointed by government of one country to look after its commercial interest and the welfare.
dictator a person exercising absolute power,
peninsula a land that is surrounded by water and is connected to a large body of water
emperor a supreme male power
Volcano a vent in the middle of the earths crust that has lava,ashes,ETC.
legend a old story
Aqueduct Civil engineering
province unit of a country
Gladiator a slave that carries a sword or other weapons and fight in a arena
parable short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach a lesson
Romance language a group of language from Latin
Assaination killed secretly, murder premeditatedly and treacherously.
civil war a war between regions within the same country
Ex post Facto Law a law that makes illegal and acts legal
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