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Stack #910103

Unit 4 Lesson 2 Vocab

Chart A graphic that organizes data visually. Common types are pie, bar, and line.
Clip Art Images or pre-made graphics that can be inserted into a document or presentation
Comment A note added to a document or presentation without making any changes to the text itself
Content The text, graphics, and data that are contained in a Word, Excel, Access, or PowerPoint file
Contextual Tab A tab that appears on the Ribbon that contains commands that can only be used with a selected object
Copy To select and reproduce text somewhere else in a document or application
Cut To select and remove text, usually for the purpose of pasting somewhere else in a document or presentation
Demote In an outline, to change selected text to a lower heading level
Diagram A graphic that represents or illustrates a concept or process. Can be used to organize and present information visually.
Markup Any extra text added as comments to a document or slide
Paste To place previously cut or copied text into a document
Promote In outlines, changes selected text to the next-higher heading level (up one level, to the left)
Table A set of rows and columns used to organize information
Theme A collection of design elements, graphics, and colors that help items such as documents, presentations, and Web pages maintain a consistent image
Thesaurus A collection of words and their synonyms, similar to a dictionary
WordArt A tool usd to create text that is stretched, shadowed, or shaped
Import To bring data from one application into another with the option of keeping the same formatting
Subordinate Placed in or occupying a lower position
Created by: ValkrieWren